WAG300N-UK dropping connection with 802.11g WLAN laptop

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Team-Suzuki, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Team-Suzuki

    Team-Suzuki Network Guru Member


    We have just had a WAG300n-uk unit delivered and I need to find out what's going on with the wireless connection to my wife's laptop.

    The laptop has a built-in Agere 802.11g WLAN, the WAG300n unit is set to:
    Wide: 40mhz
    Standard channel: 9
    SSID: *****

    The laptop can see the SSID and will connect, however it constantly keeps dropping the wireless connection. Sometimes it will reconnect on it's own, but every so often you have to go into the "View wireless connections" and tell it to connect.

    Previous to this we had the laptop running wireless via a WAG354G and had no problems what so ever.

    If you need more info just let me know and I will find/post it.

  2. Team-Suzuki

    Team-Suzuki Network Guru Member

    Well it turns out that all I needed to do was remove the old wireless setting from the Laptop and let window find the wireless network a fresh and everything seems to be running fine.

    It's very strange as I have had the network set-up originaly on a WAG54G then when I sent that off on an RMA I had the network running on my brothers WAG354G and made no changes to the laptop.

    Never mind the main thing is that it's all sorted.
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