WAG325N alternative firmware

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by akawoz, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. akawoz

    akawoz LI Guru Member

    anyone know of any work in progress on alternative firmware for my new WAG325N? I'm happy to help with beta testing if anyone is interested.
  2. newb0rn

    newb0rn LI Guru Member

    me too, .... seems very rare though that any WAG firmware is produced though
  3. Uxinn

    Uxinn Guest

    Any luck ?
    Are you having problems with wireless stability ?
  4. Xblaster

    Xblaster Addicted to LI Member

    In my opinion this is a very good machine, I think is much better than the reviews but the original firmware don't help nothing, something special is missing on it...
    I hope 1 day this great team release something special for this machine...

    P.S- Keep up the great work

    Best Regards.

  5. zyrorl

    zyrorl Addicted to LI Member

    Frustratingly enough it is nigh on impossible to get WAGxxx custom firmware produced because all the good developers seem to only have WRT modems..
  6. akawoz

    akawoz LI Guru Member

    Yep, I've given up. I replaced my WAG325N with an ASUS 500gP V2 + Linksys AM300 ADSL2+ modem.

    I'm running Tomato on the ASUS router, what a difference to the Linksys!

    My wireless is rock solid, easy QOS setup, my VOIP works fine and doesn't drop out now. Realtime bandwidth graphs are amazing.


  7. alfgut

    alfgut Guest

    Was searching for new releases of firmware for this router, as it's giving me quite a lot of headaches (is a pain in the ass that you cannot select AES or TKIP when you use WPA and some adaptors keep reconecting to the router); and I found what seems to be the source code of this device in the Linksys webpage. The name of the file is:


    It's quite big, more than 100MB. Is this useful for developers or they have it already??

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