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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by newb0rn, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. newb0rn

    newb0rn LI Guru Member

    Well I decided recently I would upgrade from my WAG354G. Unfortunately its turned out to be quite the opposite... I read on this forum that the .08 firmware I had that came with the router was not great at all. I immediately upgraded to .11 and although I found it to be stable it appeared to sync at lower speeds than I experienced on the WAG354G. I also found that whatever setting I tried on the wireless that the router decided it would act as a RADIUS server and constantly request a certificate :mad: . I promptly downgraded to .06 firmware...

    Unbelievably it was worse, it locked up about once a day to the point the GUI was not accessible and I had to pull the plug on it..

    So I decided, I will assign my old router a new static ip and use it as a local dhcp server and a wireless hub, disable the wireless on the WAG325N and upgrade the firmware back to .11 again!

    Well it works but i've found something quite appalling, the router does not Retrain itself. The DSLAM is raising my profile but the router sits and does nothing. I have proved this by leaving the router between Friday night and 22:00 tonight (Monday).

    It remained at all times on the following:

    DSL Upstream Rate: 832 Kbps
    DSL Downstream Rate: 3008 Kbps

    Down up
    DSL Noise Margin: 22.8 dB 7.0 dB
    DSL Attenuation: 35.0 dB 19.0 dB

    I then disconnected the ADSL and plugged it back in...

    --- DSL Information ---
    DSL Driver Version: AnnexA version - A2pB022g.d20e
    DSL VPI/VCI: 0/38
    DSL Status: ShowtimeRetrain Reason: 1
    DSL Mode: G.DMT
    DSL Channel: INTR
    DSL Upstream Rate: 832 Kbps
    DSL Downstream Rate: 5728 Kbps

    Down up
    DSL Noise Margin: 12.1 dB 8.0 dB
    DSL Attenuation: 34.0 dB 18.0 dB
    DSL Transmit Power: 19.8 dBm 12.3 dBm

    All in all not impressive. Ohh I had a live chat session with linksys on Friday. I'm yet to hear back from them.

    I want either a new firmware or a new router.. This ones garbage :mad:
  2. newb0rn

    newb0rn LI Guru Member

    Ok an update on this. I've been trying the .08 firmware, that somewhere on this forum someone mentions its the worst (hence why i instantly upgraded to .11 when i got the router). Well !!! It's not locked up for 2 days since i uploaded it AND

    When I first connected with it, it was 5762kbps, so this version of firmware does seem to retrain!, because right now.. i've got my best sync EVER :eek:

    DSL Channel: INTR
    DSL Upstream Rate: 832 Kbps
    DSL Downstream Rate: 6784 Kbps

    Down up
    DSL Noise Margin: 9.3 dB 9.0 dB
    DSL Attenuation: 34.0 dB 18.0 dB
    DSL Transmit Power: 19.8 dBm 12.4 dBm

    Fingers crossed !
  3. icum

    icum Network Guru Member

    i have been running Firmware Version:V1.00.11 for 3 days and its ok..
    Status: Up
    Downstream Rate: 20209 Kbps
    Upstream Rate: 1313 Kbps

    dose not seem to drop any speed... ISP (BETHERE) ...

    you might have had some bad data sent to it.. good luck :)
  4. newb0rn

    newb0rn LI Guru Member

    Well the issue is not dropping, its the sync not increasing inline with BT's profile change at the dslam according to improvements in SNR. With the figures I posted I should have increased.

    In your particular case you may just have happened to initially sync at 20209 Kbps. Is that the highest you get? If you've seen better, monitor that downstream rate to see if it increases or not.

    It should be noted the current firmware (.08) I have been on still appears prone to lockups, but less consistently. The only way of resolving this is hard reseting the router because the admin url becomes inaccessible.
  5. blingo

    blingo Guest

    I just bought the same router. And my router is now syncing on 1000kbps when i had the WAG354 it use to sync on 17000kbs.
    Would these slowly start improving? Or do i need to do anything to change this. Am on bethere.
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