WAG325N - worth upgrading to ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by franklj, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. franklj

    franklj LI Guru Member

    I have a WRT300N at the moment as I've noticed some of you have, and have experienced many wireless drop outs, dns lookup issues and other frustrating failures. All in all, not what I've really experienced from Linksys products in the past.

    That said, I am thinking about upgrading to the WAG325N - I've read some reviews and it looks like it is a big step forward compared to the 300N. Does anyone have one of these, or experience of one ? Are they any good ? I work from home a lot and have numerous devices attached wirelessly to my network from PSPs to Xbox to a wireless bridge and a wireless print server so I'd need something stable. Is the WAG325N the solution ?

    Thanks in advance for any / all help

  2. Sacharissa

    Sacharissa LI Guru Member

    Definitely not, but YMMV

    In my experience definitely not! I may just have a faulty unit (and if anyone's going to get something faulty then it's going to be me) but I have never had a router that's so flaky. Not only is the file transfer speed abysmal (see my other post) but it's dropped the DSL connection twice this morning (I've called my ISP and they insist that there's no problem their end). This is the first Linksys product I have ever bought and, on this showing, definitely the last.

    And I am less than impressed with Linksys's level of technical support. Their 'technicians' seem to know less about their products than I do!

    But, as always, YMMV.

  3. oz3004

    oz3004 Network Guru Member

    In my experience Linksys WAG products have tended to have issues in the first year and you had to update a few firmware versions before all the bugs were worked out. They were always stable afterwards in m case.

    WRT products always had less bugs at the start and were mostly excellent products. They still need the seperate DSL modem though.

    So here is my question, have you thought about getting the WRT330N instead of the WAG325N?
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