WAG325N WPA TKIP encryption does not work for Windows Mobile devices

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by IT Troll, Feb 12, 2008.

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    I have just setup my new WAG325N and I am having trouble with WPA security with my Windows Mobile devices. I have security mode set to WPA-Personal with a 12 character PSK. Encryption mode is set to 'TKIP or AES' which is the only option.

    My HP iPAQ rx1950 which is a Windows Mobile 5 device only has WEP or TKIP encryption modes. But with this set to TKIP it will not connect successfully - the status remains on connecting and it keeps retrying (see attached router log for an example attempt). If I disable security the device connects with no problem.

    My O2 Xda Orbit which is a Windows Mobile 6 device can use either TKIP or AES. If I select TKIP then once again it will not connect and I see the same behaviour. However if it select AES then it connects fine.

    My two other wireless PCs can connect OK no matter if they use TKIP or AES. So it just seems to be TKIP compatibility with mobile devices that is the problem. The WAG325N is running the latest firmware V1.00.11. There are no updates/upgrades available for the rx1950.

    My previous gateway was a WAG354G and with this all my devices connected using WPA with no problems.

    Any ideas of a solution that doesn't result in lower security?

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  2. IT Troll

    IT Troll LI Guru Member

    This issue is still ongoing but I have made some progress.

    First I downgraded the firmware from v1.00.11 to v1.00.08 but this didn't make any difference.

    Then I downgraded to firmware v1.00.06 and this did finally allow me to connect my Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices using WPA TKIP. The key difference is that v1.00.06 only allows you to choose one of the two encryption modes; either just TKIP or just AES. Whilst the newer firmware have the simultaneous TKIP and AES option. I guess it is this mixed mode which is confusing the Windows Mobile devices.

    Hopefully this proves once and for all that this is a firmware issue and not a problem with my devices or config. This is only a workaround as not being able to upgrade to newer firmware is simply ridiculous. I have passed all this to Linksys Tech Support who say they will forward it to the Development Team.

    I have attached the logs of a fail on v1.00.08 and success on v1.00.06.

    If you are also experiencing this issue please report it to Linksys to make a bit more "noise".

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