wag345g cant network with ethernet

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by borisy, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. borisy

    borisy Guest

    I have recently purchased this router aswell as a wireless laptop.
    My previous setup was 2 desktop pc's connected to a origo router modem, sharing the internet and sharing files them selves on network.
    I now have this wireless router and have connected 2 pc's (cable) and are sharing the net and files between them, my problem is that with my laptop i canonly go on the internet ( no sharing ) i have tried making a new network but cannot get the laptop to see other pc's or them to see the laptop eventho theycan see each other.
    I tried to make a new network and saved the files to a usb pen then used pen on desktops but still no luck,
    I have enabled sharing and have closed windows firewalls on all pc's.
    Can anone plse explain to me ow to network all pc's or point me to a link to explain this.
    I have mailed linksys technical and done what they said ( close fire wall and let wizard make new network) but still no joy.
  2. dannyboy1121

    dannyboy1121 Network Guru Member

    First off - your laptop can't get to the internet and it can't see the other pc's on your network - right?

    If this is the case - I would look at your wireless connection to your router. Specifically - are you getting an IP address assigned (a network address). If your laptop is new then the network configuration should by default be configured to accept an address on the network assigned by the router (a DHCP address).

    However, from experience - if you're using wireless encryption and get it wrong then your laptop will connect to the access point but not get assigned an address (after a short period of time you will be given an automatic address - which you don't want).

    So firstly - check your IP address on the laptop when you think it's connected. In windows click START -> RUN -> type 'CMD' and hit return. When the command window comes up - type 'ipconfig' and hit return.

    You should have an IP address by default of 192.168.1.x (where x is a variable number). If you don't have that - then I would take a look at your encryption. Re enter any passphrase that you have set for your key - if that doesn't work and you're using WEP - try putting the hex value in for the passphrase rather than the ascii.

    If you're not using wireless encryption then ignore all the above :)

    Let me know how you get on.
  3. viceroy

    viceroy Guest

    I have exactly the same problem as borisy.

    I recently replaced my Billion 5102 ADSL Ethernet router with a Linksys WAG345G because I wanted to internet enable my wifes computer without running cables through the house.

    My wifes PC (running Windows XP SP2) is connecting to the WAG345G with a Linksys WUSB54G USB wireless network adapter. I have setup mixed security (opposed to wireless-G or wireless-B) and her PC is successfully assigned an internal IP ( and is able to successfully connect to the internet. Signal strength averages between 80-90%

    My PC (also running Windows XP SP2) is connected to the WAG345G via the provided ethernat cable. My PC is also correctly assigned an internal IP address ( My PC is also successfully connecting to the internet.

    Having gone through the interface of the WAG345G, I can see that it has successfully connected to the internet and its built in DHCP has assigned IPs to both my PCs.

    The problem is that neither PC can see each other on the local network, ie wireless -> ethernet or visa versa.

    I have tried everything I can think of but nothing I have tried has allowed either PC to see each other, yet they both are able to connect to the WAG345G and through to the internet.

    Please Help
  4. MSmith

    MSmith LI Guru Member

    I've just run through the forum to see if anyone has the same problem as me and Viceroy seems to match. I have a WAG354G with three wired PCs - all happily connect to the internet but don't see each other on the LAN. They are different vintages of PC running 98, XP and 200 and I've had them working together on a LAN in the past. I hope its something obvious but its beyond my limited knowledge. Do I have to "enable" or "disable" something? Any help gratefully received.
  5. 4square

    4square LI Guru Member

    The first thing to check is that all pc's have the same workgroup name.
  6. MSmith

    MSmith LI Guru Member

    Checked that - still no change.
  7. DavidC

    DavidC Network Guru Member

    You may have to set each PC to allow file and or printer sharing (search OS help on file sharing if you are not sure), also if each PC has a software firewall try disabling it on each PC this may be blocking the traffic!

    Try here for XP (and others) http://www.practicallynetworked.com/sharing/xp/filesharing.htm
  8. MSmith

    MSmith LI Guru Member

    Sorry - That doesn't seem to be the problem either! More help appreciated
  9. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Does the WAG345G have the option "Filter Internet NAT Redirection" on the security page? This is usually the cause of the problem in most cases which is solved by disabling it. Disable it by removing the checkmark.
  10. MSmith

    MSmith LI Guru Member

    I can't see that on the security page. I have ,under "VPN Passthough" ,pass through for IPSec, PPPoE,PPTP and LZTP enabled, and under Firewall I have the Firewall enabled (should I disable this? I though this was my firewall against the outside world rather than my local network) and Block anonymous internet requests checked.
  11. 4square

    4square LI Guru Member

    Do you have the appropriate network protocols installed?
    For a network with a 98 pc you need IPX/SPX, NetBEUI and NetBIOS to be installed whereas you only need TCP/IP for internet access.
    (Don't know about 200)
  12. Catsworth

    Catsworth LI Guru Member

    I seem to recall that, if you want to connect the computers together you need to make sure that all of the following are true:

    1. The machines are all in the same workgroup (you've checked that so move to 2)
    2. The user account that you are using must be password protected
    3. The user account you are using must appear on all machines, with the same spelling, and must have the same password.

    Windows checks username/passwords to authenticate network connections across the LAN. If the accounts are not present, or not the same, they cannot be authenticated.

    That's the way I understand it anyway, it certainly can't help to try.

    You also need to make sure that the machines all have different IP addresses, different names, and that they all have their software firewalls either turned off or configured to trust the other machines on the network.
  13. MSmith

    MSmith LI Guru Member

    Still no joy - I'll try again tomorrow with any other help that anyone can suggest. Thanks for the suggestions so far.
  14. nealgs

    nealgs Network Guru Member

    can you ping each of the machines from each other??
  15. MSmith

    MSmith LI Guru Member

    No. I can ping the gateway from each machine can not ping between machines.

    I've found the ping test in the diagnostics on the router. I can't ping the machines from there either.
  16. MSmith

    MSmith LI Guru Member


    David C was right! I had a firewall set up in the Norton Antivirus and didn't realise it.


    but networked!

    Thanks to all for the help - I'll read it next time
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