WAG354 can't find phone line

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by dodgy_vfr, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. dodgy_vfr

    dodgy_vfr Network Guru Member

    Hi all

    Right I'm almost sure I've been sent a defective WAG354G, but before I send it back I'd like to find out if I have done something really basically stupid that I'm unaware of ...

    (This is my first Linksys product but I'm not totally new to ADSL routers, I've successfully installed and used a BT and Belkin router in the past).

    What I have done so far ...

    - Plugged one end of phone cable into microfilter, and other end into router

    - Switched router on

    I'm seeing a 'power' and 'wireless' light only, the basic setup guide says I should also be seeing a 'DSL' light as long as it's connected to a phone socket. This light is not lighting up on my unit.

    I can connect to the router both wired and wirelessly, access the Linksys control pages and tinker with my settings, no problem, but it can't detect an internet connection.

    The phone socket and microfilter are definitely working correctly as I'm using them right now with my old router (a Belkin) to type this post).

    Any ideas?


    - Hans

    aka dodgy_vfr
  2. simax

    simax Network Guru Member

    The microfilters are to be used ON PHONES, not on the router.

    Remove the microfilter. That simple.
  3. dodgy_vfr

    dodgy_vfr Network Guru Member

    Nope no action - with or without microfilters :sad:
  4. simax

    simax Network Guru Member

    Well are you sure that your line (phone line) has already the DSL signal?

    If you just signed up for service, etc, etc, you know how sometimes is with ISPs. They send you the router, they say that your line is ready, etc, etc BUT sometimes they are wrong.

    If you have another DSL modem/router, or a friend can lend you one for a few minutes, just to try, that will help.

    If you are sure that there is DSL signal and still don't see the DSL led light up (the Internet one is another story) then your WAG354G may be defective.

    Let us know and good luck.
  5. dodgy_vfr

    dodgy_vfr Network Guru Member

    Hey thanks for your help simax, I can confirm there's absolutely no problem with the DSL, because I've had broadband for two years, I've been playing Xbox live all day and I'm using my old router to connect to the net right now.

    The microfilter that comes with the unit seems pretty much standard fare, with one output socket for the house phone, and also a socket for the ADSL cable, I'm pretty sure I haven't managed to confuse that one - and it works fine with my Belkin router.

    I've been reading the manual and it seems to confirm this, but can you also just confirm for me that the DSL light is supposed to come on as soon as the unit is powered up and connected to a DSL enabled phone line, and that the light itself is independent of all the password / user name / PPPOA / 0 / 38 and all that connectivity stuff?
  6. icest0rm

    icest0rm Network Guru Member

    maybe you have a bad unit :thumbdown:
  7. simax

    simax Network Guru Member


    The DSL led it is supposed to light up when detects DSL signal. So, even if your PPPoE, PPPoA account is not working it should light up.

    That's the reason why there are two leds. One DSL, one Internet. The Internet led only lights up when that third interface is valid (let's see, wlan, eth0 and pppoe, for instance).

    Obviously, with no DSL lighted the Internet led won't come up either.
    Try to get a replacement and let us know.
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