WAG354G Antenna (Annex A)

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by FabachM, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. FabachM

    FabachM Network Guru Member


    Just got my dsl account with the wag354g. it seems for me that i will need an external antenna, because my signal strength isnt very well.

    my problem is, i cant find out the type of connector i need for the antenna. in documentation i didn't find anything about adding an extra antenna!

    can anybody inform me about the correct type?
    is the WRT54GS Antenna compatible?

    thanks for answers!
  2. shoutje

    shoutje Network Guru Member

    Linksys High Gain Antenna Kit for SMA Connectors HGA7

  3. yashukawa

    yashukawa Network Guru Member

  4. Fart

    Fart Network Guru Member

    I've tried 2 antennas (as an experiment) from WMP54G (very big) and some ASUS controller (small). Signal strength rised very poor.
    Maybe it's better to buy secong hand controller with appropriate antenna and try first. If turns out nice then buy expensive Linksys, if not - try to move modem closer to PC.
  5. shoutje

    shoutje Network Guru Member

  6. FabachM

    FabachM Network Guru Member

    thanks for information
  7. icest0rm

    icest0rm Network Guru Member

    I've tried with a RP-SMA antenna bought off ebay time ago, the signal in vertical direction remain the same and very good and in horizontal direction increased a lot, I got it to pass 3 walls, while with the internal antenna the signal I could receive was raising the lowest quality, with the antenna I got excellent quality..
  8. Viper_74

    Viper_74 Network Guru Member

    The link to the Antenna refers to the HGA7S type, but my manual of my WAG354G v1 mentions the HGA5S type (european version)

    Which should I have ?
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