WAG354G challenges

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by rovinge, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. rovinge

    rovinge Network Guru Member

    Just bought a WAG354G Annex B (for ISDN). Installation was easy and straigthforward. After some issues I found the German fw 1.01.05 upgrade, but alas I still have following issues:
    - Firewall and System log stay empty. I would expect some logged entries, but nothing at all.
    - Publishing an internal web server using port forwarding does not work. From the internet my internal webserver does not seem to work, although from my internal network it is forwarded (back) to my webserver, using the external internet IP address of the modem. According to my (Dutch) Internet provider, no ports are blocked by them as they just allow having servers on the internet.

    Anyone dealt with these kind of issues before? Thanks in advance,

  2. simax

    simax Network Guru Member

    Did you do DMZ + Port Forwarding or NAT port forwarding?

    I have a WAG534G too (analog DSL, though) and port forwarding works fine.
    I agree, however, that Linksys should update this particular firmware. I am on v1.01.03 and would love to see more features and a more stable operation too.

    Let us know. Good luck.
  3. rovinge

    rovinge Network Guru Member

    Tried both, but both did not work.

    Next step I'll do is resetting the router, clearing the nvram settings. With the upgrade to the new FW there was no need to re-enter all settings. After this, I can't think of any next steps....
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