WAG354G Disconnects Every Evening

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by ckernan, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. ckernan

    ckernan LI Guru Member

    I have the WAG354G which has run without problems for over 6 months. In the last week it has started to lose the ADSL connection every evening at about 9pm, and fails to reconnect until about 8am the following morning. It works without problem during the day. I am unsure as to the exact times of the disconnects as I know of no way to log the times with the device.

    When it disconnects it continually tries to reconnect but the Modulation Mode comes up as "training", then the Downstream Margin reads a massive number, before disconnecting again. I have contacted my ISP only to be told that they do not provide support for any hardware except the hardware they supplied me, a Speedtouch ADSL modem. When I connect the Speedtouch modem it connects without a problem, although it has disconnected once or twice, but always reconnects. I have upgraded to the latest beta firmware to try and resolve the issue, but no luck. Any help appreciated.

    - Cormac
  2. tarquel

    tarquel Network Guru Member

    have you tried a factory reset and set the settings up from scratch?

    If not, try that and see how that goes :)

  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    what firmware version do you have at present?
  4. tarquel

    tarquel Network Guru Member

    Good point... hehe I forgot to mention that ;) lol

    Latest stable [for v1] is: 1.01.05
    and I'm running the beta Firmware Version: 1.01.09

    Not sure if there is a later one, but ckernan, update to the latest stable firmware if you arent already running it ;)

    Shame there is no open source one about yet :(

  5. ckernan

    ckernan LI Guru Member

    The problem has now resolved itself! I assume that there was something wrong at the exchange level and that it has now been fixed because I have not changed my setup in any way. I am running firmware 1.01.09 which I upgraded to shortly after this started happening - but it did not resolve the
    issue at the time. Very strange - the problem lasted about 7 or 8 nights when I consistently could not connect each evening with the WAG354G, but the Speedtouch USB modem would connect. Anyone any idea why this would have happened?

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