WAG354G Disconnects with incoming Phone Call

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by djyeo, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. djyeo

    djyeo Network Guru Member

    Hope someone can help, I have a WAG354G router with the 1.01.05 firmware. The problem i keep experiencing that when an incoming phone call comes in the router drops connection and does not reconnect. Once this happens, if i perform a hard reboot it works fine until the next phone call.

    Can any one help, does the problem reside with the router or my ISP???

    Thanks for your help
  2. KoP

    KoP Network Guru Member

    it m8 be related to the signal strong. You should call support from your ISP to check your line. They can do that from there, they don't have to go to your home.
  3. DBruceM2

    DBruceM2 Network Guru Member

    That's more of a line problem that your DSL provider/phone company will need to look into. I worked for a DSL provider and connection drops were a common issue. Most of the time it was attributed to a line condition, more than a modem/hardware issue. Double-check to make sure you have your inline phone filters in place. Or if you have a POTS installed, you can skip that step. Just for kicks, try connecting the router to another phone jack (assuming no POTS is installed) and try it there. See if you get a disconnect on another phone jack. But like KoP siad, If all else fails a line test by your ISP will show any shorts or opens on the line.
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