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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by RussellS, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. RussellS

    RussellS Network Guru Member

    Hi there,

    I have a WAG354g wireless router which has got an internal aerial but has also got a socket to connect an external aerial. The manual says this socket is for connecting a Linksys 5dBi high gain antenna model number HGA5S. However, the manual also says that this aerial is not available in Europe and that Linksys does not support or recommend use of an external antenna with this product in Europe.

    Firstly, does anyone know why they don't recommend it & why is Europe different.

    Secondly, could I still do it to extend the range.

    Thirdly, would it have to be the Linksys HGA5S aerial quoted in the manual or would any high gain aerial with the correct connector be ok.


  2. calum

    calum Network Guru Member

    Any antenna with a RP-SMA connector should be fine... I got a 9dBi one off ebay. To be honest the improvement isn't as big as I'd hoped, but coverage is certainly better than it was. Hopefully some 3rd party WAG354G firmware will show up soon that allows you to boost the antenna power too-- if it's anything like the WRT54G, it's probably only working at about half its maximum power out of the box.

    Not sure why they're not available or recommended in Europe... perhaps they fall foul of some broadcasting regulation, like those iPod transmitters for your car that are legal to buy but not to use over here :)
  3. rvision

    rvision Network Guru Member

    As calum says you can buy antennas on eBay for around £5..

    They boost the signal between 5-10db, which is a quite allot in radio terms: Remember radio waves are on a logarithmic scale. I’ve noticed a decent improvement in range and connection. Varies though how you point the router and antenna.

    I agree with calum that the transmitter output will probably be over the legal limit if you use an extra antenna. They probably set it to the max limit without an external antenna so any gain over that will be above the threshold.. but there is little chance of interference so go for it..

    Download a copy of netsumbler and install it on the Access point machine and see the difference with antennas and router direction. Also try changing the channel as interfearance from other wireless devices can have allot to do with it. Don’t change the channel in small variations i.e 1-3 or 9-7 as they are so close it will make little difference. Go from 1- 7 , 7 – 13 vice versa.. also log the differanc eon netstumbler…

  4. RussellS

    RussellS Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the reply's guys, I've had a look on Ebay but I can't decide whether to get a 5db or a 9db antenna and whether to get omni directional or not. I'm just having a think and planning where the relevent PC's are.

    Do you need to disable the internal antenna or do you run both together. The only reason I ask is that one of the sites I looked at said that you need to disable it but I couldn't find a setting to do that in the WAG354g configuration screens.

    Many thanks

  5. nathanaelb

    nathanaelb Guest

    I bought a 5 db omnidirectional antenna for my WAG354G and I wasn't particularly impressed by the boost it gave. If you have PCs quite far from the router through a couple of walls or a ceiling, I would get a 9db gain antenna.
    From my experience, the router's internal antenna just isn't good enough, but that's probably because I have an integrated wireless adaptor inside the case of my desktop PC.

    There is no way to switch the router from the internal antenna to an external one. I guess it does that automatically when you screw the antenna in the RP-SMA socket.

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