WAG354G Initial Set Up Problem / Net Connection

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by domnelson, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. domnelson

    domnelson Network Guru Member


    I've just bought, well been given a WAG354G and while trying to set it up this evening i am having no luck at all getting it to connect to the net.

    I'm sure i've got everything enterered right as I've been back through all the options about 10 times. the wireless network bit works fine, and is running WEP with no problems.

    I'm on Pipex in the UK and if anyone could tell me what settings i need to use it would be much appreciated before i pull all my hair out.

    Anyone got any ideas?
  2. rvision

    rvision Network Guru Member


    You want:

    Encapsulation = pppoa
    Multi = VC
    Qos = UBR
    Auto detect = disabled
    VPI = 0
    VCI = 38

    Enter pipex user name and password

    Set to keep alive = 20s enabled

    It will not connect unless you have the keep alive enabled.. check the adsl light is lit

    That should be it...
  3. domnelson

    domnelson Network Guru Member


    Thats what i thought it was - but i've got that all in and it still won't connect - the light doesn't even come on.

    I've just tested the whole line and setup with my old netgear router (the wireless doesn't work) and it was fine, so its not the cables..

    I'm guessing i've got a faulty router on my hands.....
  4. rvision

    rvision Network Guru Member

    Have you tried looking at the status page for any extra information and or resetting the router.

    Failing that it is sounding a bit duff.

    I'd send it back but you could route the wireless through the netgear router in the meantime. Just connect the 10/100 switches together.
  5. domnelson

    domnelson Network Guru Member

    Yeah - I've reset it about 10 times, went back to factory settings etc....could changing the firmware make any difference.

    On the status page it just says down - on the netgear one when it went down it said connecting - and the light on the router went orange - but i don't get any of that which is why i was guessing it was a dud router..

    Any idea how long it takes for a reply from linksys technical support email?

    You mean just put a wire between the 2 10/100 network ports on the 2 routers? Is it that simple?
  6. rvision

    rvision Network Guru Member

    just put a network cable between the two switches of the wag354g & netgear and turn off the DHCP on the wag354g and any wireless connections will be routed through the netgear.

    Not sure about linksys email

    Remove all the sillys and triple check the cables.. obvious question but I did this the other night, is the adsl rj11 plugged in fully to the back of the wag354g, unplugged try again lol.

    Are you using differnt RJ11 cables? use the known working one that you used with the netgear. Try another phone socket.. remove all phones/connections from all other sockets..

    I think you have covered most bases if you cant get it to work on the same line as the netgear. you can try reflashing but failing that RMA number may be required. :(
  7. domnelson

    domnelson Network Guru Member

    I'm gonna try that in a bit cos its annoying me now
    They just sent me a pathetically dumb reply - which doesn't come as a great shock tbh

    I have them both running from the same power socket - with the same cables running down the phone lines etc....this is gonna sound really stupid but it must be something i'm doing wrong - cos this is now 2 routers that have done this and I set one up fine on a BT account in the office with no problems what so ever.

    I can't see that out of 3 i'd be getting 2 that have faulty modems in them, so I'm now completely stuck as to what it could be
  8. rvision

    rvision Network Guru Member

    Are you running the phone line into an ADSL filter?
  9. NotSo

    NotSo Network Guru Member

    Another **Silly** to double check is that you are using the Linksys supplied RJ11 to RJ11 cable or compare the two to make sure they are wired the same.
  10. csdcom

    csdcom Network Guru Member

    Linksys support

    now I am really hacked off. I have jsu had my old router replaceed as my old one had been retired by a WAG354G, took 35 days for it to arrive. Guess what I works great except I cannot remotley manage it.

    Spent 1 hour on the phone to a prat wh insisted I upgrade the firmware with the Annex B version on their FTP Site which is in german no way I said. why don't they have people who actually try to resolve problems instead of reading from scripts.

    told them I could terminal servce onto my server and then access via my internal network but he did not understand what the problem was. Just sent an email to them so expect a reply within the next 48 hours.

    Should have bought a Dlink or Draytec etc
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