WAG354G: MTU & Time

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by icest0rm, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. icest0rm

    icest0rm Network Guru Member

    Does your WAG354G let you select MTU 1500 for PPPoA DSL connections?

    it should but it keeps saying me that is out of the range 567-1492...

    and do your time works?

    mine since some weeks ago, doesn't get the time....

    maybe i need a factory reset and load again firmware?
  2. pokettuk

    pokettuk Network Guru Member

    Hello icest0rm,

    I had the same problem here in the netherlands with my WAG54G V2, finaly I had frence firmware instead of EU. A little bit strange, because I bought it here in the netherlands.
    So maybe you can check your firmware

  3. icest0rm

    icest0rm Network Guru Member

    well all was working good after I flashed with latest 1.01.05 till one day when it begun not displaying time...

    as for MTU it seems it was fixed with this version but....maybe I just need to reflash 'cause 1st flashing wasn't so good as I supposed..
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