WAG354G or WAG200G?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by slinde, May 31, 2007.

  1. slinde

    slinde Network Guru Member

    I am thinking of buying an ADSL router. I find Linksys have some similar models.
    Here in Sweden I can buy WAG354G or WAG200G for roughly the same money. Which one should I go for?

    I believe the WAG354G is an older model? It has the internal antenna, is wireless coverage poor with the internal antenna? What about alternative firmware?

    The WAG200G seems to be a newer model? It has an external antenna, does that mean wireless coverage is better? What about alternative firmware for this model?

    I would be thankful for any comments on which one to prefer?
  2. ReDFlaG

    ReDFlaG Network Guru Member

    wag200g is the next generation (354g is older).

    kamikaze firmware (openwrt) may work with wag200G (i built it but not having tryed yet since i don't have time to).

    you can find http://woytekm.googlepages.com/modifiedsoftwareforwag200g-eu that is another alternative firmware, i've tried it and it's ok. It is quite "young" so its author will had more functions in the future.

    i donno about the range, since i never had a router with a 'built-in' antena.
  3. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    Without ambiguity WAG200G but an other choice could be the couple "AM 200 + WRT 54GL" which is more powerful...
  4. slinde

    slinde Network Guru Member

    Thanks for your comments! I think I will go for the WAG200G then.
  5. Carciofone

    Carciofone LI Guru Member

    The WAG354G V2 is the same as WAG200G, but his internal quad antemna has a gain of -18 db contra -12db of the WAG200G. WAG354G has a connector for optional external antemna.
    Other differences are the firmware that become from different projects and the bootloader: Adam2 for the WAG200G and PSPboot for WAG354G V1\V2.
    WAG200G support WPA2.
    You can find alternative firmware for WAG354G V1\V2 here: http://cyberstorm.altervista.org/?p=22

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