Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by PsychoDuck, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. PsychoDuck

    PsychoDuck Guest

    After purchasing a WAG354G router from the information on the Linksys international website and on the understanding that it is WPA2 enabled, it was quite a surprise when WPA2 is not listed under the wireless security tab. It is quite clearly printed on their website below that this router is WPA2 enabled.


    So, after a few live chats with linksys tech staff, who dont seem to know anything at all, it made me laugh when they said, er yeah this router doesnt have WPA2 at the minute but it may do in the future.

    Anyway, onto the question. I know the HG200 is a single port version of the WAG354G router and according to linksys it currently supports WPA2. Would anybody know whether a different router firmware can be used on the WAG354G router to get WPA2 enabled?
  2. WillDashwood

    WillDashwood Guest

    I discovered the same, though I'd settle for simple WPA! It's ridiculous it doesn't even have this and yet the page title for the wireless security tab is "WPA". How cruel!

    Is there a beta or 3rd party firmware available anywhere? Even the source code seems to have been taken down from their site. Does anyone know a time scale for getting this introduced?
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