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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by benamy, Nov 13, 2007.

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    There seems a lot of posts on this forum about the WAG54G with intermittent or no
    ethernet ports working.I have 2 of these routers with exactly the same problem,but i wasn't convinced a firmware fix was going to cure it because i found that one of my routers would work ok if i left it warm up for about an hour before i connected the ethernet cable.I know these units run quite hot so i started thinking about capacitor problems.(electrolytic capacitors dry out with heat).The ethernet control chip in these units is marked ADM6996.Around this chip there are several 33microfarad capacitors.These are smoothing and decoupling the supply voltages to the chip.I changed these caps and both my routers worked straight away. Doing the job is quite fiddly as the circuit board is double sided,and you need a hot soldering iron with a small tip,some desolder braid and flux.I've been working in the electronics repair industry for 25 years and it took me about 1 hour to do the job.I would suggest if you are not confident working with double sided circuit boards you should take the routers to be repaired professionally.Also only try this if your units are out of linksys warranty.After i repaired my routers,i did a google search for WAG54g capacitor problems and found another forum with a post about these units and he even gave circuit reference numbers.I haven't done that as my units were 2 different versions(v1.2 and v2).These have different circuit boards,but the ADM6996 is common to both as are the capacitors.
    Lastly for those of you who are both capable and brave enough to attempt this repair.Good luck,because if you take time and care,you will save yourself the cost of a new router.
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