WAG54G and Freedom 2 Surf

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by lord_avon, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. lord_avon

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    So I switched ISPs due to poor service and support I was having from pipex, I switched to Freedom 2 surf after hearing how 'good' they are, well I'm not going to comment on that...

    So, my old connection died, enetered the new login details for the PPPoA login and I expected it to work, man was that stupid.

    The IP number they gave me (they told me it uses a static IP numebr, very decent of them) ends in 22 (no, I'm not publishing the whole IP number, derrr)...
    When I connect it sets to the right IP number on the status page, refreshing the status page a second later, shows the IP number has increased by one to 23.

    The tech support guy at F2S said I would need a new router as it was faulty and the problem couldn't be their fault (despite the fact that it was working until they change over), after phoning again and speaking to someone who understands, he suggested I upgrade my firmware as they had this issue previously with Linksys router/modems.

    I'm on Version 1.02.3, I'm in the UK, its an Older WAG54G (not a V2, at least I don't think it is, who do I check?) what version of firmware should I use?

  2. englishpunk

    englishpunk Network Guru Member

    As far as i know ( and i'm no expert ) the version number should be shown on the serial number label on the device, if it doesn't show anything i believe that makes it version 1.0, but someone else should be able to clear that up.

    The main reason i am posting though was to let you know that Pipex bought f2s some months ago now, and upto that point that were pretty much best speed/services to value available, however Pipex have implemented fairly restrictive traffic-shaping across most services, most of the time ( or so it seems ), you can find more information at the freedom2support unofficial f2s support forums located at http://ww.freedom2support.co.uk/.
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