WAG54G and inbound udp ports 1176, 1177, 1178

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by dubdub, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. dubdub

    dubdub LI Guru Member

    Hi all

    A question on a configuration I 'found' on my wag54g earlier.
    I was setting up some internal routing and clicking through the tabs I found on 'Applications and Gaming' - 'Single port forwarding' 3 INBOUND udp ports enabled pointing to the first IP address in the dhcp range.

    Windows 1176 1176 UDP
    Windows 1177 1177 UDP
    Windows 1178 1178 UDP

    I DID NOT set these up or enable them.
    I clearly remember when I got the unit flashing it to the current level and cleaning out all settings before adding mine.

    Is there a known issue or hack or something with this model?
    Also what would these do or be used for?
    There seems to have been no damage as my laptop is locked down pretty tight anyway, but not happy now I think there is an issue.:frown: :frown:

    Model WAG54G - Firmware Version: 1.02.1

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    firstly have you added encryption on your wireless (WEP WPA) or have you ever changed the admin password?

    if not then your router has probably been hacked by a war driver.
  3. dubdub

    dubdub LI Guru Member


    Hi Toxic

    Yes, I am using WEP and I changed the password first time I used it.
    Remote admin and vpn are also disabled.

    But, please excuse my ignorance, what’s a 'war driver'?

  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    A person who drives about a neighbourhood with a laptop, searching for wireless networks that are "open" or able to be hacked to either gain control of a network or get free internet access.
  5. dubdub

    dubdub LI Guru Member

    Thanks, suspected that might be the answer. :)

    As to whether it happened, I am in a geographically difficult location for any one to get close enough to get a good signal and up an un-made road at that, but still possible I suppose.
    As much as how it happened I am wondering what the open ports may have been intended for; any guesses anyone?
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    1176 tcp/udp indigo-server Indigo Home Server
    1177 tcp/udp dkmessenger DKMessenger Protocol
    1178 tcp/udp sgi-storman SGI Storage Manager
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