WAG54G and Intel Pro Wireless 2200BG only in mixed mode?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by KaeptnOvi, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. KaeptnOvi

    KaeptnOvi Network Guru Member

    I own a WAG54G (v1) and a Dell Notebook with Intels 2200BG-Chip. One Problem I have now, is that I can only access the Network if I set to Wireless Router to Mixed mode. If I turn it to 802.1g only I can't connect, it sees the network, connects, then tries to get an address, then suddenly complains that the network is out of range (with max signal) and drops :(

    I'm tried updating the firmware to 1.02.7 but that didn't change anything. It also didn't change anything wheter I use no protection, WEP or WPA/TKIP.

    One other problem I seem to have, is that the connection drops about once every hour
  2. booly

    booly Network Guru Member

    I've got the same problemm with a WAG54G v1.O and a fujitsu notebook.
    Impossible to connect when the wag is in g only mode ( tried with all lats version of the intel driver).

    I call linksys support, the guy told me that "intel centrino ..." doesn't knwo how to make wifi working !!!!!!

    For me I first think that my notebook has default, I claim for an exchange and discover that the new one has the same behaviour. I reset the wag and discover that it works in mixed mode.

    In any case the WAG is a bad device !!

    See you.

  3. KaeptnOvi

    KaeptnOvi Network Guru Member

    I just discovered that I have another Problem as well. The Performance is extremely jumpy. When I transfer Data from my PC I get about 1.5MByte/s for 2 secs then 50KByte/s for 2 sec then 1.5MByte/s again, etc.

    With my gf's notebook (dell truemobile card) and my other wirelesscard (surecom) I get constant datarate of about 2.2Mbytes.

    I have tried practically every possible setting, but nothing changes :(
  4. KaeptnOvi

    KaeptnOvi Network Guru Member

    it looks like i could resolve the latest problem. It seems that the latest intel-drivers (9.x series) don't work correctly with my card. I downgraded to the 8.x series drivers and now at least I can get a steady stream at about 2MBytes/s.

    I still have to run in mixed mode though.
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