WAG54G and routed subnet

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Michiel, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. Michiel

    Michiel Network Guru Member

    I have a WAG54G running here and an 8mbit DSL line (PPPoA) with an /28 routed..

    When I enter al correct info (PPPoA, ip, subnet etc), I disable NAT, but then the modem is working very strange (not able to upload over 8192 bytes, cannot access Hotmail etc).. When I enable NAT (I don't need it because I have public IP-space), I can do anything, except that my IP-addresses aren't being used..

    Anyone have more problems with this? I'm running now.. Trying tomorrow or so, but I had major problems with (WLAN disconnects etc)
  2. olobley

    olobley Network Guru Member

    I like you am suffering at the hands of the WAG54G too!
    From your descriptions of your issue, my money would be on the MTU on the router/your PC's being to high...
    On the router it's a fairly trivial job to change it to <=1478 - to do it on the PC, check the following site:
    (shameless plug for my fantastic ISP)

    Have you had any more luck with your router, or have you done what I decided to do, and gone and bought a D-Link?


  3. Michiel

    Michiel Network Guru Member

    I tried that, but nothing worked..

    Two choices: or this one get fixed, or I return this one for a 3Com AP (like now)..
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