WAG54G continuosly reboots

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by babanetcom, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. babanetcom

    babanetcom Network Guru Member

    Hello everyone
    here's my problem: I have a WAG54G since early summer and everything was fine untill some days ago, when I noticed that my gateway often reboots, even 3 or 4 time one following another, as if I turn power down and back turn it up.
    I upgraded firmware to 1.02.1 and I changed the power supplier.
    I thought to have fixed the problem but just few minutes ago, for about 7 times, it started rebooting continously again. :(

    Have you ever experienced anything like that? Do you have any suggest? :?:
    Thanks in advance
  2. Aitch2

    Aitch2 Network Guru Member

  3. babanetcom

    babanetcom Network Guru Member

    gosh...I just ended a phone conversation with my national support.
    The guy in fact said:
    download & install firmware 1.02.7


    I'll try and let you know (did you said that because you experienced the same problem or whatever?)
  4. Aitch2

    Aitch2 Network Guru Member

    Nope - Just standard good practice to reset and reconfigure after all firmware upgrades - as the stored settings sometimes don't entirely map correctly into the new firmware - cause of many 'weird' problems and general flakiness (as you've seen!)

  5. babanetcom

    babanetcom Network Guru Member

    thanks, as I said, it's exactly what support tells me :D
    I've just finished to reconfigure...I hope to have fixed the problem... :roll:
  6. babanetcom

    babanetcom Network Guru Member

    now it's so much worse than before!!
    it continously reboots!!! :( :cry:
    After few second of connections, it reboots (6 times to come here and post this message).
    Can I restore the previous firmware with the same function (upgrade firmware)?
    I'm so so angry :evil: :evil:

    any suggest? (except to call back the support tomorrow)
  7. babanetcom

    babanetcom Network Guru Member

    after using "restore factor default" (even if reset should have done the work before) things seems to be ok now
  8. Aitch2

    Aitch2 Network Guru Member

    Yes - note the word 'factory' in my original reply :wink:

    Glad it's better...

    Meanwhile - no answers to my WRE54G /WAG54G interoperability Q, I see? :cry:

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