WAG54G Crappy or not?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Mister_Master, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. Mister_Master

    Mister_Master Network Guru Member


    I have the following problem.

    I am now on my 3rd unit of Linksys. I thought that the first two units where broken. Changed my Linksys WAG54G two times now and it did not help at all.

    I have a Toshiba Laptop with an internal WIFI unit (2200 BG Intel)

    My Linksys just disconnects me after a while (could be within 5 minutes, 1 hour or 6 hours but it surely does). And only after rebooting / resetting the Linksys I get my WIFI connection back on the laptop (after which the signal / connection drops again). The connection definitely fails immediately whenever I use internet radio, MSN, Netmeeting or whenever my Laptop is picking up another WIFI signal in the neighbourhood. And again I have to reset or reboot my Linksys. Distance is not the problem. It disconnects me even when i am sitting on top of it...

    I already did the following to minimize the problem:

    1. I turned off the WZC;
    2. I put the signal of the Linksys on channel number 1 (apparently only this channel is working for me..);
    3. I use WEP encryption and filled in the MAC address; and
    4. I put the Powersettings of my WIFI card on maximum performance.
    5. I updated the firmware of the Linksys to 1.2.03 and did a hard - reset.

    It did not help a bit.

    The Linksys helpdesk (here in the Netherlands) are really kind with their assistance, but they also do not know what to advice me anymore…

    Maybe one of you have a solution for my Linksys headache…. :wink:
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    have you tested the laptop against any other router in simialr setups? i have found more and more people complaining about laptop inbuilt wifi devices not connecting or have very weak signal. i would suspect the router is ok and the internal wifi (since no large anntenna) is the problem
  3. Mister_Master

    Mister_Master Network Guru Member

    Toxic tnx 4 the Reply.

    Let me tell you what I already did.

    I have tested my toshiba with an ASUS WIFI gateway at a friends place. And it worked perfectly fine.

    I have bought another WIFI gateway (Belkin) and tried to connect. No connection what so ever. (returned the Belkin immediately to the shop :) )

    I bought a Linksys pcmcia WIFI card and turned down the internal WIFI unit of my toshiba and then tried to connect to the WAG54G - No connection at all, (seemed to be a compatibility issue between the Linksys pcmcia card and Toshiba! (returned the card immediately to the shop :) )

    I tested another laptop with a sitecom pcmcia WIFI card and the connection also dropped after a while..)

    And the funny thing is: I keep getting a WIFI signal from someone in the neighbourhood. So I am pretty sure that my Laptop is working fine. I still point to the Linksys, as the guilty one...
  4. yonnage

    yonnage Network Guru Member

    Most toshibas have a Texas Instruments cardbus controller. WPC54G cards did have issues with that controller. Linksys released specific drivers though
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