WAG54G-DE: Low Wlan / Internet blocked by one application

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Highelf, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. Highelf

    Highelf Network Guru Member

    I'm very new with the WLAN stuff and I'm experimenting a lot of trouble with 3 Linksys products (WAP54G, WAG54G and WGA54g (game adapter)).
    I've read and tried a bit of everything posted in this forum, but my "worst" problem doesn't seem to be frequent, as I haven't found any post describing it.
    My problem is the internet connectivity. If I do hust a bit of web-browsing, everything is fine. I even can surf from 3 different pc a the same time (all of them goging through the WAP to get over wireless to the WAG). The problemes starts if I do some "heavy" traffic to internet. For exemple starting a Torrent or a fast ftp connection will for good an fast, but will also kill all other client/user. It's looking like, the WAG won't have time/cpu-power to take care of other request then the bandwidth consuming one.I can't even connect per web-interface to the WAG itself. My connection is german dsl, with 1mbit down. With heavy connection i mean something like 40-70 kB/s (so it's not an dsl-issue). Also the upload ist not over 10 kB/s (so it's not the upload that is slowing down the download).
    Also funny point: I should have 1mbit down, but the web-interface tells me something about 864 kb download-connectivity.
    Next strange point is, that it won't show me any connected wireless client (even when i'm surfing with 3 pc through the WAP).
    the next big issue would be the very low WLAN quality. When having the WAP and WAG in the same room i got signal strengh with around 75% (2 meter distance, no wall). When I put the WAG in the next room, the signal sinks to 50-60%. I tried all channel, with no big differences. I also changed the beacon stuff and RTS. I'm using the latest firmware.
    Is there any chances, that changing the MTU could help? I've read a lot about MTU but never had to change it, is now my first time?
    I'm pretty disappointed by linksys at the moment. I maybe should have bought netgear stuff instead. Let's hope, that someone cann help me.
  2. komUnec8

    komUnec8 Network Guru Member


    Some questions for you.

    Can you explain your network a bit better please? eg you say you have wireless clients going through the WAP to the WAG? Is the connection between client and WAP wireless, and between WAP and WAG hard-wired or wireless? (in which case you won't see any connected clients on the WAG). Are both the WAP and the WAG acting as APs?

    If so, which AP are the clients associated to?

    What is your addressing scheme and where is your IP addressing coming from, or is everything static?

    When you say you are running the latest firmware, exactly which versions are you running?

    What are the client adaptor types you are using with the APs?

    Perhaps a quick picture would help us see what you are trying to do, and then someone can try to help you better.

    I'm wondering if the 'heavy traffic' you are pushing is as multiple simultaneous sessions, all over the same wireless bandwidth? Do you know what speeds each of your wireless clients are connecting at? And does distance of the client from the AP make any difference as to which PC gets the bandwidth? (If so, it could be that it's a case of strongest SNR (signal noise ratio)wins!)
  3. Highelf

    Highelf Network Guru Member

    Facts, Facts and even more facts, here we go:
    For the network explanation: I draw a simple picture, but I need a bit of time to put in somewhere online (I'm at work atm). Should be within the next 3 hours online.
    here it should be:
    Bold Lines are hard-wired Cat5 100Mbit connections, thin lines are 54Mbit 11.g connections. The distance between WAP and WAG ist about 3 meter with one brick-wall and between WGA and WAG 10 meters with one wall also.
    In textmode: 3pc->hard-wired-to-switch->hard-wired-to-WAP->Over-WLAN-to-WAG->hard-wired-to-splitter.
    there is also an Xbox->hard-wired-to-WGA->WLAN-to-WAG
    WAP is acting as AP-client, connected to the WAG. All Ips are static. 192.168.0.x with 1,2,4 being the PC. 3 the xbox, 5 the WAG and 245 the WAP, and 7 the WGA (only for configuration, when wired)
    The gateway is 5 (the WAG) hostmask is for everyone
    Firmware on the WAG ist 1.207 (WAG54G-DE_AnnexB_ETSI_v1.02.7_03_code.bin from 12 November 04)
    On the WAP is was till yesterday the 2.08. (LinksysWAP54G-Cisco-EU-May13%202004.zip) and it is since then the HyperWAP based on 2.07 with power-Up mode.
    On the WGA it's (WGA54G_v1.10_US_code.zip).

    With heavy traffic i mostly mean Bittorrent. Which of course has a "lot" of connection. The upload is limited with sofware so it won't affect the download or the connectivity. I can imagine, that multiple connections can be hard to manage for the WAG, but what I don't get, is why the bittorrent will work perfectly (obtaining maximum dsl-speed = 90kB download), but the same pc or any other pc won't even be able to get a ping answer from anything from internet.

    The Wireless signal strength between WAP and WAG went up with the HyperWAP firmware upgrade on the WAP. Bringing me from around 55% to 70% (which I still find low for a 3 meters distance with only a normal german wall in between). With standard WAP firmware I got 1 MByte/s to the Xbox, now it's about 1.5 Mbyte/s (still too low in my opinion).

    Ok, that's I hope a lot of usefull Information. I would be very happy to here anything from anyone :)
    Bye and thank you,
    P.S. I will post the link to the picture, as soon as it gets online.
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