WAG54G Firmware 1.01.6

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by benners_2k, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. benners_2k

    benners_2k Network Guru Member

    Does anyone know where I can download this firmware? it doesn't seem to be on the Linksys FTP site. My router originally came loaded with it and even though it has hardly any functionality it did seem more stable for me than the later ones.

    I can't get the wireless to be stable enough to rely on at all. I feel totally conned with this piece of junk. When I was buying it I was told Linksys were the best and I would never have any problems. Guess i should have visited this forum first.

    Another point I would like to make is that my Intel centrino wireless card isn't very stable and a lot of people's problems could be caused by their card rather than the WAG54G so they should make sure they have the most uptodate drivers and check out a different modem if possible and see if the problems are still there.
  2. otaku59

    otaku59 Network Guru Member

    Like The firmware v1.01.01 for WAG54Gv2 => It"s just for THE UK version .

    WAG54GV Eu or FR (for me) don't work. The modem doesn't synchronous on ADSL.

    And the version v1.01.01 and v1.01.06 Are beta's
  3. Ofloo

    Ofloo Network Guru Member

    instead of complaining that they don't work for you, you might answer the question where can he get it, he didn't ask if it worked for u :p, so if you have em don't be greedy post .. or tell where anyone can get em
  4. Piske

    Piske Network Guru Member

    I am new in this site but I have a BIg BIg BIg Problem!!!
    I bought a wag54g and I'va a 1.00.47 firmware sent by linksys
    well.. sometimes (but too frequently...) when I start my pc
    there is not connection.. also it doesn't recognise my user and
    my password... I must enter with admin login and see.......
    everything resetted.
    I have to restore my backup and magically everything works.....
    3 times a week it's too frequently...
    what can I Do???
    (I'am from Italy... Wag54g european version I suppose.....)
    Please Help Me..... :jail:
  5. Ofloo

    Ofloo Network Guru Member


    it seems to have some bugs but at least it works i can use wireless and my internet doesn't fall out like every 5 mins ..
  6. benners_2k

    benners_2k Network Guru Member

    Well ..erm what can I say? Your posts have all been really on topic and helpful :?

    I guess no one knows where this firmware is then.
  7. Piske

    Piske Network Guru Member

    Thank U Very Much....
    I've succesfully upgrade it now.... I hope It will work well... FOREVER!!!
    but I'm just hoping........
    you mentioned bugs... I will find bugs? what kind of bugs?
  8. Ofloo

    Ofloo Network Guru Member

    nothing bad i gues like when you have smtps => smtp ssl port 465 it doesn't work for a weird reason i don't know ..

    crashes when configing it
    .. small things that don't realy matter

    let me put it like this, if you configed it back it up.. then leave it alone and you will be fine ;)
  9. Piske

    Piske Network Guru Member

    Thanks a Lot!
    I've made my personal backup..
    I think this modem/router is a great modem with a bed original firmware...

    What about modem configuration??? are there particoular settings that increase speed or stability?

  10. Ofloo

    Ofloo Network Guru Member

    not that i am aware of .. but if you don't firewall the router doesn't need to inspect the packets .. so that should always be an increase of speed not that i think it really matters .. or disable QOS, on windows side .. that should speedup things for sure

    cause if you know what Qos is .. you'll understand why i am saying this,

    Qos is a thing that reserves bandwidth for critical processes even when there not using it .. that what it comes down to..

    well you can't really call them crtical but anyway

    it preoritizes bandwidth streams => Qos enabled (overlan)

    ftp speeds = 1mb/s

    after disableing it

    ftp speeds = 7mb/s

    but these things are not really firmware releated..
  11. Piske

    Piske Network Guru Member

    I turn off modem today at 00.10. I turned on 5 minutes ago...
    nothing... I had to reload the backup...

    Qos is just disabled.....

    do you have an idea of my problem???

    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :twisted: :twisted:

    can it be an hardware problem?? eeprom?
  12. caneblu

    caneblu Network Guru Member

    Sounds strange for me hear about this problems. I'm italy too, and i'm loaded firmware, seems works fine. Now connection is stable than version 0.19 an 0.47.
    Also inside configuration pages works fine, usually i open the doors for mule or others sw, and closed when job is done without crashes (i use firefox).
  13. Ofloo

    Ofloo Network Guru Member

    i use firefox to and forwarding ports is not what i meanth by configing try changing wireless settings all the time, it will crash, not sure if this is fixed but try enableing qos and find out how ur line drops now and then.. you won't notice, if you just surf but try staying on irc 24/7 ..

    the firmware is not what it is supposed to be yet, but it is a step in the good direction i expect way more from linksys this is supposed to be a quality product and not some cheap ass router you bought just with out a care ..
  14. Piske

    Piske Network Guru Member

    after 4 days of good working... today!!! tadannn!!!!! reload backup...everything resetted..... :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil:
    is it possible??? i've tried anything suggested........
  15. Ofloo

    Ofloo Network Guru Member

    i remember i had that once to that i had to reload the backup .. but i keep one at all times .. up untill now it has worked fine for weeks so.. it has frozen once more when playing a game but that is it ( don't play that often anyway but it is sad that i can't at all now )
  16. RussellS

    RussellS Network Guru Member

    Hi benners_2k

    Here is a link to the firmware you required on the Linksys ftp site.


    This is the version my WAG54G v1.2 came with as well. Originally I got quite a few wireless disconnection problems and had to reboot it about once a week. However, I think a lot of it was heat related as the unit (& power supply) get very hot. I now have the unit stood on it's end to allow air to circulate better and I havn't had to reboot it for over a month now which has convinced me that heat was a major contributing factor.


  17. Ofloo

    Ofloo Network Guru Member

    then i would recommend returning it cause if i was u i wouldn't want a unit that over heats all the time.. maybe you should ask to switch it with a wag54gv2 they seemd to have that part covert..
  18. Piske

    Piske Network Guru Member


    During this week I tested my linksys ... but sometimes ... like you know.. I had my familiar problem.. (reload system backup)....
    someone had this problem too recently?


  19. Ofloo

    Ofloo Network Guru Member

    i can't say i have i just had a 24 hour disconnect but i think that's because it is normal that you get a temp connection from the dhcp.. you can set it in the settings menu but that is it no irregularities not sure maybe some disconnects but i am not sure those where because of the router.. could of been something else..

    i would say not much wrong lacks few features but for regular use it works .. maybe reflash it but i doubt that would help maybe ask for a replacement unit..
  20. Piske

    Piske Network Guru Member

    I formatted PC yesterday... I hope something better in the next days...
    stay tuned!

  21. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    The disconnects WAG54G owners have suffered from (from my perspective due to owning a WAG54G) have always been due to WAG54g's inability to handle dhcp refresh. Simply put, the WAG54G does "not" handle dhcp refresh well "at all."

    This is the main reason you have problems within a 24 to 48hr time period with constant disconnects. If you've ever owned any other Linksys or brand name router, "DHCP" is always one of the options you can set the router to; the WAG54G doesn't have that, hence why "I" believe it has issues maintaining it's connection. Although mine got hot like everyone else's, the heat had absolutely "nothing" to do with the disconnects.

    Before I switched back to using my WRV54G, I set my WAG to the minimum "keep alive" time and also had my ISP switch me to a static IP. If you can't get your ISP to give you a static IP, then you should register with a dynamic dns provider, such as www.dyndns.org. They will give you dynamic dns address that you can use within 5 minutes. Barring having a static IP, the dynamic dns should help you negotiate the dhcp refresh issue. I personally did all three of those things (I run an ftp server, hence the need for dynamic dns) and I "never" had any of the problems people continually complain about from that moment on.

  22. stratos2004

    stratos2004 Guest

  23. Borgmeister

    Borgmeister Guest

    Hey Guys

    having a bit of a problem with my WAG54G(UK VERSION) it worked fine forr about a month, now, i get random wireless dropouts. Any ideas?
  24. vieuxtemps

    vieuxtemps Network Guru Member

    Hi Russell,
    What you mentioned is the version annex A, but I got the same problem as benner_2k, but my WAG54 is AnnexB, and there is nowhere I can find the original firmware 1.01.6 annex B for V1.
  25. Rothstein

    Rothstein Guest

    I have the EU version( v1.2). What happens if I install this firmware? (It says SE)
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