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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Gnitrops, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. Gnitrops

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    I have a WAG54G, connecting to 2 PCs with RJ45 cables, and to 1 laptop with a PCMCIA Wireless card. However, something is going wrong lately. A few days ago, the RJ45 cables were getting disconnected from the router like once per minute, but this disconnection would last only 1 sec. Now, today, the PCs can't get a IP address from the router at all! The cables keep being "disconnected", and when they connect, they don't stay up enough to register a IP address. When they do, its always a "limited/inexistent connection". I have tried using different ethernet cards, different RJ45 cables, rebooted the modem alot, etc. I can't figure what it is going on. Is there anything I could do?
  2. MikeFromNZ

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    I have read somewhere that the WAG54G (V1) has a problem with the ethernet driver chip dying. I have certainly seen a few on e-bay "perfect except no ethernet". If this is your problem, then I don't think that there is a viable repair.
  3. DocLarge

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    What's your firmware version?
  4. Neo_Giles24285

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    on the pc's connected via ethernet you need to set the lan adapters to run at 10mbps full and to do this you need to go to advanced properties for the adapters, also the wireless wont get an ip automatically over wlan, you need to assign a static ip to get it to work, also a good idea to assign ip's to the pc's connected via lan.

    i've done this on my pc's and laptop and also turned dhcp on the router off and they all now work fine, and router hasn't dropped out for months :D
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