WAG54G - Internet dies when i start Bitcomet

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by twisterfreak, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. twisterfreak

    twisterfreak Network Guru Member

    Hi, thanks for reading. When i say Bitcomet, i should add that this is a new install of WinXP/SP2 and it is a new router.
    I noticed today that when i start Bitcomet, it downloads and uploads merrily. ICQ stays connected. But webpages won't appear at all.
    I don't mean they time out, after a while because the bandwidth is being eaten up, but just instantly "page cannot be displayed"
    On my previous router i could download at 200+ and if i kept my uploads to about 20 then i noticed no difference at all.
    But all of a sudden this problem has popped up. Outlook also cease to be able to check for messages.
    If i stop Bitcomet completely it makes no difference at all. I have to restart the PC.
    Anyone else encountered this bizarre problem.

    Many thanks

  2. twisterfreak

    twisterfreak Network Guru Member

    Hi, just to add another discovery.
    The internet is fine on my pc, fine on my sons pc. I can download full speed.
    But... I can't access the router on either pc at all. doesn't bring up anything on IE or Firefox.
    I can ping it no problem at all.
    Am i just being a numpty or what?

  3. BoomAM

    BoomAM Network Guru Member

    I had a similar problem ages ago, it turned out to be bad nic drivers. Try updating or using a different nic.
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