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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by st0kes, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. st0kes

    st0kes LI Guru Member

    Hi all,

    I bought a WAG54G from ebay a few weeks ago, and I think I am starting to realise why the guy was selling it ... I have the following issues:

    - Wireless connections are tempremental at best. Periodically all my wireless devices are disconnected from the network and I have to power cycle the router several times to get them to connect again. It can last for hours, or minutes before happening again.

    - If I make any changes to the config from one of my wireless machines, the connections drop and I have to reboot to get back on.

    - Port forwarding doesn't work. I know my ISP allows this, as my last router was able to do it with no problems. Only certain ports don't work, e.g. 80, 143, 443, 993, 995 ..... port 25 seems to work OK ..

    - If I SSH to my Linux box (I can get port 99 to forward to 22 OK), if I leave the connection idle for a minute or 2, it disconnects.

    - Remote administration, well ... I can bring up the config page, but if I make any changes I get disconnected. Then I can't get back on because my IP changes.

    Are there any solutions or work-arounds for any of these issues? What is the most stable firmware for this unit? Is it worth me opening a dialog with Linksys about my problems?

    Thanks ... and sorry for the lengthy post.
  2. iHomer

    iHomer Network Guru Member

    Hi, first of all... what version is it? You can check that on the bottom of the unit.

    If it is a V1.2...

    This is also normal :) . You better create a Dyndns.org account and log in so it will automatically update your IP.

    Now... if you have V2... I think many of these issues have been solved, but I am not really sure. I asked for an RMA document so they sent me this unit, but when I tested it it was still very unstable, and they have no official firmware upgrades to the European versions, so I put a 3com 11g router, upgraded it to the lastest firmware and have had no drops until today and counting.

    But I am testing the v2 again to call linksys and ask for another firmware (I think they will make another RMA document and send me another useless V2 WAG. But at least I will make them work until they get tired of me.
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