WAG54G, net disconnects

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by xequios, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. xequios

    xequios Guest

    WAG54G version 1.2 firmware 1.02.1, Annex A (Finland)

    I have had the router 2 weeks, it seems I too have been suffering the usual problems I have read so much about!

    At random times the LAN clients lose the ability to access web pages even though the wireless LAN is still connected and one of the clients is still downloading happily from bittorrent. Rebooting the router is the only way I have found that fixes this.

    DHCP on the LAN side is disabled. The router firewall is disabled. I have mac filtering and WPA. 3 wireless clients with linksys 802.11g cards.

    Initially there were a few wireless probelms with IP address's. Since I disabled the DHCP the wireless has been fine.

    I contacted linksys support. I have been advised to install Annex B firmware - which seems strange to me as the box clearly states the device is Annex A. Can anyone shed some light on this advice! I'm pretty sure I am not using ADSL over ISDN - Annex B!

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