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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by albeck, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. albeck

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    I had my wag54g for one day and it seemed to be working fine wirelessly, connecting all 3 of my xp pc's to the internet. I have'nt used any network application before and the documentation that came with the unit did'nt explain much at all, after trying to set up file sharing throught xp wizard i could'nt figure out how it all worked, so in desperation i reset the wag54g and did a system restore on two of my pc's. Since then the wlan and dsl lights don't light up any more and the ethernet connection LAN to the wag54g from my main pc (only 2 pc's are wlan) keeps saying line disconnected, unless i leave it all disconnected overnight then the LAN connects ok but still no dsl or wlan. So i take it the units dead? As my Speedtouch modem works fine with my adsl line.
    When I get the unit replaced is there anything i should know about not touching the reset switch and firmware upgrades. Also what do i need to know about setting file and printer sharing up on my pc's, is the wag54g capable of being used for wlan gaming between my pc's without connecting to the internet?
    Thanks for reading this, :oops: any help or pointers will be appretiated.
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