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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by CyS, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. CyS

    CyS Network Guru Member


    I found the Quickstart guide really useless and the knowledge about this router is spread across many forums so I wonder if anyone could put together a "Recommended Configuration" write-up so help Newcomers like me struggling with WAG54G to run it stable.



  2. JonasR

    JonasR Network Guru Member

    Hi there,

    I would love to help, but in my point of view there is no recommended setup for the WAG. It always depends on what you are using it for.

    Post your intended usage (along with security concerns, hardware used etc.) and I bet alot of people will tell you some setups.

  3. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member


    A few recommended parameters for Wireless...

    Wireless / Basic Wireless Settings
    Wireless Channel : 1 or 6 or 11

    Wireless / Advanced Wireless Settings
    Control TX Rate : Auto
    Beacon Interval : 50
    DTIM Interval : 3
    Fragmentation Threshold : 2304
    RTS Threshold : 2304
    Authentication Type : Auto
  4. CyS

    CyS Network Guru Member

    Thanks HiSpeed!

    I have the 1.02.7 firmware and I would be actually happy having this piece of $!#@ stable as an ADSL modem and router, even without the wireless but I just can not!....

    At least once a day it goes crazy, especially when I start some significant amont of download: it disconnects over and over again, it reboots itself, just drives me crazy!!...
    Then I reboot my PC which makes it stable for some time again... is there something I should set on my PC???!

    As I said I do not actually use the wireless capability, neither the firewall.

    Any settings you would recommend? Anything I need to fix on my PC configuration?


  5. komUnec8

    komUnec8 Network Guru Member

    Is your WAG54G running coolly (literally)? ie stand it on edge, blow air through it with a PC fan. There is lots of chat about this on other forums. Seems to be an inherent design flaw.

    Next time your goes screwy, check the case temperature!

    I have found mine runs stably now that I have simply put it on edge instead of flat like it used to be! (Oh, and make sure you have done the 10-30 second reset bizzo. I also reload my config manually after a firmware upgrade, instead of using a saved config from the previous version).
  6. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member


    I use a WAG54G 1.2 under 1.02.7 and it is very stable with my 3 PC (2 are wired)...
    I can give you my parameters may be that could help...

    I use "Connect on demand"
    "DHCP Server" is disabled

    Wireless as above plus
    WEP 128
    MAC filtering

    On each PC I use addresses like this :
    IP Address :
    Mask :
    Gateway :
    DNS :
  7. CyS

    CyS Network Guru Member

    DHCP diabled

    HiSpeed, so, when you disable DHCP, you basically set the IP addresses on each PC manually ensuring they are not in conflict? Is this how it works? Can you tell a bit more on this?


  8. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    That works fine and is easy to do :
    I have on PC1, on PC2, on PC3.
  9. MartinC

    MartinC Network Guru Member

    But surely the point about DHCP is that it is automatic.

    When its turned on the WAG sets the IP address of connected PCs using numbers from the range you specify.

    Why do it yourself ?
  10. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    Sorry guys, but I'm not sure to understand yours questions !

    Nothing is automatic, the only thing you have to do is to go on the TCP/IP properties of your PC ethernet card (or Wifi card) and register all the addresses.
    After, you have only to disable DHCP server on the Wag menu.
    That's it !
  11. DavidC

    DavidC Network Guru Member

    Yes the DHCP is automatic but static addressing has its benefits for example if you want to port forward it's easier (if not a WAG requirement) to set this up to a static ip address and if you want to share a printer again it's much easier to have a static address so you always know where the printer resides.
    I have always used static addressing for both the above reasons and a further one is if someone tries to access your wireless network and dhcp is ON it will assign an address to that person - with it off he also has to try and find a usable IP address ie another layer of security.
    The status page should also tell you your DNS server if you do not want to use the router IP for this.
  12. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    There is a misunderstanding about automatic...
    From my viewpoint DHCP server is not automatic because you can enable or disable it.
    At the opposite, DHCP client is automatic because you can't forbid the Wag to require adresses (IP, Gateway, DNS) from your ISP...
  13. CyS

    CyS Network Guru Member

    HiSpeed, a question regarding the fix IP address use: what if I use my laptop in a corporate environment where it should receive the IP address dynamically. Should then I always change the settings back and forth whenever I wanna use my laptop at home? Isn't it a bit cumbersome?
  14. DavidC

    DavidC Network Guru Member

    yes the setup will need to be done every time you change from work to home

    However you can get round this a bit by setting the allowed ip range to leave as many available address points you require.
    I set a range of three ip addresses and two are static (set them up as highway said within the range you allow - even with dhcp on the address will be the static one you manually set) then leave dhcp ON and set your laptop to use dhcp and you get the best of both worlds.
    There are caveats here but it should cover most cases

    The bottom line is ruled by what you want to do with the network setup you have?
    Have you any special needs to be accomodated?
  15. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    I agree with David.
    More precisely, if you have 2 PC at home, you can use static addresses : and, and for your laptop, enable DHCP server on Wag for only one address starting at !
  16. CyS

    CyS Network Guru Member

    Guys, thanks for these great advices!

    To answer your question DavidC, at this point the single most important thing I'm aiming for STABILITY. I do not want to lose the connection every second minute whenever my download reaches a high % of the available bandwidth (or something like that, I do not understand the reason).

    The next thing is the using the built-in wireless while maintaining stability. (Currently I use an old wireless access point wired to the WAG54G as I read somewhere that with wireless turned on this device is even less stable.

    The next thing then will be using one of the wireless media receivers to link my PC (in the study) to the TV/stereo in the living room. But I do not even dream about this unless the basic Wireless LAN is rock solid and the speed is acceptable for streaming audio. (Streaming video is an even sweeter dream... :)

    Does this help?
  17. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Get Static IP from Your ISP

    The best thing I did to settle my WAG54G down was to get a static IP from my ISP. From what I saw, I got assigned a new ip everynight around 0100hrs. After that my connection would drop. So, I called up hi-velocity (I live outside of London, UK) and told them the situation and the assigned one to me on the spot. Since then, there are no dropouts!!

    It appears the WAG isn't able to handle ip changes like some of the other linksys products that have "Automatic DHCP Configuration" as one of the options on the setup page (WRV54G, WRT54G, WRT54GS, etc...). IMHO, this may account for alot of the dropouts. Again, from my perspective, assigning a static IP for your WAN connection may help because it's helped me. Another option is to sign up with a dynamic DNS provider. A free one you can use is www.webreactor.net. It doesn't cost a thing and you can be up and running in under 5 mins.

    Check it out...

  18. corf

    corf Network Guru Member

    MY Wag54g firmware 1.02.07 is rock solid.


    1 desktop static IP
    2 laptops static IP
    1 laptop dynamic IP

    standard settings i.e.

    Wireless Channel : 11

    Wireless / Advanced Wireless Settings
    Control TX Rate : Auto
    Beacon Interval : 50
    DTIM Interval : 3
    Fragmentation Threshold : 2304
    RTS Threshold : 2304
    Authentication Type : Auto

    Wireless mode: B mode 11mbps - Now I think this was the crunch on making my unit rock solid.

    While running on mixed mode with a misxture of G and B wireless cards I would get frequent router crashing when wirelessly copying large files (100mb +) accross my Lan and occaisonal wireless dropouts and bad wireless pings.

    Changing to B mode only - turned the pings to 1ms shy of wired performance and I have been very happy with the router since. I am aware I am sacrificing wireless LAN performance but the rock solid perforamnce more than makes up for it.
  19. Jogobo

    Jogobo Network Guru Member

    To avoid losing connection every minute or even every 30 seconds as it happened to me you have to disable the firewall. As soon as there is a lot of traffic (even traffic which is allowed through opened ports) the firewall reaches its limits and causes a hard reset. Some minor problems with certain applications could be solved by disabling "Block Anonymous Internet Access".

    Just my 2 €-cents.
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