WAG54G + RemoteDesktop problem

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by maxnumpi, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. maxnumpi

    maxnumpi Guest

    Hi there!

    Currently I'm using Linksys WAG54G with original firmware 1.01.7. I'm having a problem try to connect to windows2000 server at my office from home via Remote Desktop. I have tried to upgrade the firmware to newer version but always get an error: "cannot connect to PPPoE server" so I'm still stuck with 1.01.7. Btw, the error I got back when using remote desktop is "remote server time out". I'm certain that if I were to connect to the same server using another machine at my office I could do it with no problem.
    Anyone know if this is the problem of some specific gateway configuration that is needed. May be some thing to do with port forwarding?

    I would appreciate any help here.

  2. ajgball

    ajgball Network Guru Member

    Yeah you will need to enable some port forwarding through the firewall for the XP remote desktop port which is 3389. You will need to forward any requests on port 3389 to the ipaddress of your 2000 server.

    Hope this helps

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