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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by valimot, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. valimot

    valimot Guest

    Hai all.
    at my office used WAG54G for ADSL Modem.
    current configuration is ok (working properly).
    topology networking is:

    [ISP]====>|WAG54G| =========> |switch|==> users
    ................... ..................
    WAG54G as DHCP server and user gateway

    now, i should changed to this topology :

    |ISP|==>|WAG54G|===>[linux fedora]===>[USER]

    [ISP]==>[] ====> [Eth0]][linux fedora ]====>[Eth1]]
    Linux as DHCP server and user gateway

    after doing installation.
    ping from user to (liknsys WAG54G) is OK.
    ping to internet is ok (ping www.linksys.com.)
    when user browsing to internet WAG54G link drop(led link chsnge to red)...after that restart, user can't browsing to internet
    so what problem at my WAG54G...?????
    thanks for help..
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