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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by nedkelly, Aug 27, 2006.

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    Hi Guys, a newbie here but an old hand at having problems with my Router; Has anyone come across this yet:

    I have WAG54G which must be a version 1 because no indication of a version number on the bottom; and am in the UK so must be AnnexA as no indication of this anywhere.

    I am running firmware 1.02.05 after experiencing all of the connection dropouts that others have experienced and have found this fairly stable upto now although I do get a drop in speed frequently over the network.

    I have just bought a Roku soundbridge (M1001) which configures fine and uses WEP encryption. I have had some success but now find that when it is on, and I try to connect to the network either wireless or wired, I get no further than 'acquiring network address' and sometimes get a limited connectivity connection. If I turn the Soundbridge off I can connect to the network as normal then once the soundbridge is on again, I sometimes get network addess conflictions. All my devices obtain network addresses automatically.

    Also, where can I get updated firmware from as the editions form linksys are a lot older than the one I currently run; have looked in downloads but cant find any there (was wondering if the new beta version 1.03.xx may solve my problems)

    can anyone help...pls
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