WAG54G router problemo - loosing wireless signal

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by wwfc_barmy_army, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. wwfc_barmy_army

    wwfc_barmy_army Network Guru Member


    I've had the WAG54G router (fm:1.02.1(the lastest)) for about 1 month now, every day now it seems to just 'loose' the wireless signal on the wireless desktops, although on the wired one i can still access the internet and router setup fine.

    I looked around and found that in the firmware release notes it said this:
    So i have just done that and i'm going to have to see if that solved it. If it doesn't any ideas on where i should go from there?


    Pete. :D

    P.s. neva seen a website (except for the officals) that are based on one brand of router :p
  2. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    Make sure the drivers for your wireless NIC's are up-to-date too ;)
  3. wwfc_barmy_army

    wwfc_barmy_army Network Guru Member

    Yup they are :)

  4. shaamone

    shaamone Network Guru Member

    I'm having this exact problem, and did too with the original firmware that came with the router :( beginning to regret having gone for what I thought would have been good quality!

    Any ideas? Is there a more reliable firmware I should be using?

    My network adapter is the linksys 54g usb adapter with the latest drivers loaded on xp. When wireless goes, my laptop doesnt work either so that rules out the network cards imo..
  5. shaamone

    shaamone Network Guru Member

    OK, just read the stick post in this forum. I'll try everything in there and report back here.
  6. baillie

    baillie Network Guru Member

    This might sound daft, but I had the same problems, but have finnally managed to solve it, place the router on it's left edge, so it sits vertically.

    Most of the problems seem to be heat related, as the unit gets very hot when sitting horizontally, but when sitting on it's side it runs a lot cooler, and I have had no signal drop outs since doing this.

    Firmware version 1.20.1 (I think!)
  7. wwfc_barmy_army

    wwfc_barmy_army Network Guru Member

    I sent mine back. It was a waste of space! Might of been good for a book end.

    I went for a Draytec V2000G (i think thats the right one, i can't remember now) now thats a good router! Very stable, much better than the D-link, Linksys and netgear ones i've been through!

  8. shaamone

    shaamone Network Guru Member

    Not too inspired with confidence **checks online banking acct to see when router was purchased**
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