WAG54G - should I buy it ?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by petek, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. petek

    petek Network Guru Member


    After having had a horrendous experience with Dlink's DSL-G604T router, I was thinking of going for the Linksys WAS54G....then I dscovered this forum. Is the hardware really that bad ? Should I be looking at something else ?

    Thanks for any advice you can give me with I do somethig I'll regret !


  2. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member


    I'll be very clear on this subject : don't buy it !

    I changed it 3 times du to malfunctions, and I discovered a company no capable to handle efficiently bugs, enhancements, RMA, etc.

    I regret my choice, and I consider that Linksys takes the customers for a ride behind the Cisco name...


    PS : I knew the 1.0, 1.2 and now 2.0 version....
  3. spastro

    spastro Network Guru Member

    Hey, here is my 2 cents worth

    After having the same dilema or if i should buy it or not i decided to go ahead and try it and if i eas not happy with it return it.

    So far for me im not haing any serious issues.

    It does not monitor the current conection time to your isp and it does not monitor you downloads from the internet which would be a bonus.

    I have only had the router for a week, but so far so good. I have updated to the latest firmware and i have got 2 pcs laned through wires and a laptop conected via the wireless.

    Im pritty happy with it so far. Im not a hardcore user so, so far its cool.
  4. albanroad

    albanroad Guest

    WAG54G - Fit For Purpose ?

    I've had a WAG54G since Jun/04, and had quite a few issues with setting-it-up, due to some of the factory default settings being awry.

    After that it seemed to work OK-ish until early this year, when BT upgraded my line to 2MB/s. This really threw the router, which has never been the same. I upgraded to v1.03 of the firmware, and the best I could get was intermittent service.

    The unit requires frequent resets, and basically seems to have been unable to meet the demands on it.

    After a couple of months of email/telecon debate with Linksys UK Support (which frequently involves speaking to India and US advisors) they have agreed to replace the unit.

    Even this is a very slow process, and Linksys really need to expedite this whole area of their business to compete. From agreement to replace I am now 2 weeks on and still waiting for a label to use to post my old unit back. Therefore I expect to be another week AT LEAST before I get the replacement.

    The only possible up-side is that Linksys are supplying a WAG354G, which being newer might stand up to the demands of my Broadband speed and 3-PC home network.

    I will post an update in due course, Tony.
  5. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Being that I've never had any of the issues everyone else spoke of, I'll say yes, "with" the option to return if you're not satisfied.

    The functionality of "any" router is based on the WAN technology settings of your ISP to an extent. For example, if they change a setting that affects the MTU of the entire network, your internet refresh rates and VPN can be affected, thus causing a cascade effect across your home network. The WAG54G requires a little extra attentio during initial setup in some areas, but nothing major. I'm sayin this from my experience by the way.

    My WAG54G came with firmware 1.01.06 and worked great!! I made sure my keep alive option was set to the minimum and I also got a dynamic ip address from dyndns.org. The main reason for dynamic dns is because the WAG does not handle dhcp refresh by your isp at all!! When the refresh occurred at 0100hrs every night, my connection dropped. So, when I got the dynamic address, my dropouts stopped and it was clean saling from there.

    I'm now using my WRV54G mostly with an SMCbr18vpn router for a second subnet (it has more vpn tunneld than the WAG's 5), but if I had to go back to putting my WAG on line, I would.

  6. Arabian

    Arabian Network Guru Member

    I would say buy Belkin 7633 since it has WDS support added since the last firmware upgrade, and buy Belkin 7130/7230 Range Extender, this is my plan now, since I installed this for my realtives and it work smoothly with wide coverage with strong signal.

    Good luck,

    WeArab Network
  7. petek

    petek Network Guru Member

    Thanks everyone

    Due to the problems many people have experienced with the WAG54G (and also with the Belkin router!), I went for the 3Com OfficeConnect. The installation went like a dream : within 30 minutes, I had 3 pcs up and running, LAN and Internet working without a hitch. What a relief after the D-Link nightmare !


  8. Ofloo

    Ofloo Network Guru Member

    all i can say is after my dlink nightmare i had this router wag54gv2 and with the current beta firmware available it seems to bedoing pretty good.. some small issues but not realy connection related which for me is the most important thing
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