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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by DocLarge, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. DocLarge

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    Having read alot of the posts by everyone (and being American) I will say that there is "no" linksys tech support in the states, with the exception of the handful of them located at Linksy headquarters in California. Even then (I've tried) they don't answer the phone, and all calls go to English speaking, American sounding technicians in the Phillipines, Malaysia, and India. So, let me break it down, Linksys American tech support is non existant!

    I have a WRV54G router I currently can't use because it doesn't support PPoA, yet when I called Linksys support prior to leaving the statesto move to England, someone in the Philipines on the Linksys helpdesk (thought I was talking to someone in the states for a minute until I asked) told me I could use it over here with no problems. In theory, there was truth in that statement, provided I had cable modem connection and not an ADSL connection.

    Let's not let someone pretending to be Linksys support get our hopes up; everytime a new product comes out lessens the possibility any attention is going to be on "yesterday's" seller. The only hope left is if some of the "code crunchers" out here take matters into their own hands like the Sveasoft, Sartori, and Hyperwrt camps have done with the WRT54G router...

    On another note, I had alot of the same issues other WAG54G owners had. The thing that cut all the crap down for me is that I requested a static ip for my connection. Since the WAG54G doesn't have the "automatic dhcp configuration" function in the menu, there's a possibility it loses its connection when there's an ip change. I noticed this for the first 4 days because I was assigned a new ip address every morning around 0001hrs and the router lost connectivity.

    Additionally, I signed up with a free dynamic dns provider (that's right, FREE!!) who I know (www.webreactor.net). The combination of the two has worked and I haven't had a single dropout going on 6 days now! Heat hasn't been an issue, nor has the issure regarding the firewall disrupting service. I'm currently using port forwarding to run my FTP server.

    Maybe I got lucky, or maybe the actions I took are the result. Try it and see if this doesn't reverse your ideas about your purchase...
  2. HiSpeed

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    I agree with you !
    Linksys has no structure to handle and report bugs.
    Probably, because it's not a software company, it does not have the right customer support structures.
    Hot line is only able to help for installations or to do RMA...

  3. Toxic

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    Since Cyertan write most of the firmware for linksys devices, linksys themselves probably do sweet fa about it...
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