WAG54G v.2 weak signal

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Asema, Sep 5, 2005.

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    I bought the adsl gateway last week and now I'm wondering what might be wrong, since the wireless signal is weak. When the adsl-device is in the same room (some 2-3 meters away) the signal in only 60-65 (medium, tested on MacStumbler). One would expect the signal to be closer to 100 or 90....

    When I take the Imac on the other side of the house (10 meters) the signal is dropping to 35-40 (weak level). The house itself is made of 6-inch logs (no concrete or metal structures). I borrowed PC laptop with Belkin wireless adapter to test if there would be someting wrong on the Imac's Airport card, but there was no difference on the performance.

    I've scanned through LinksysInfo pages and noticed, that number of people have difficulties with this model and I have tried several advices what has been posted on this site like:

    -firmware upgrade (1.01.05)
    -different variations on channels, thresholds, beacon intervals etc.

    And yes, I have checked antennas and tried to place adsl-device (antenna) on different position. I even disconnected the encryption, but none of these actions worked.

    Now, if someone has the answer or even a suggestion what to do next, please tell me.
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