WAG54G V.3 First Problems ... Linksys Support has failed ...

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by pmudgal, Dec 11, 2006.

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    My isp supplies a d-link dsl-502t adsl 2/ 2+ modem/ router with one usb and one ethernet port
    when the isp was offering on dsl internet the gateway was configured in the following manner:
    set up pvc0 with rfc 2516 pppoe llc vpi 0 vci 32 dhcp enabled
    when they started offering iptv they came in and on the same gateway
    they disabled dhcp
    set up another pvc, pvc1 this time around, the configuration for which is
    set up pvc1 with rfc 1483 bridged llc vpi 0 vci 33
    now there are two pvc's enabled pvc0 and pvc1
    after this they verify that nat is enabled
    and the default route is enabled, this is the only configuration part that i have not been able to replicate on the wag54gv3

    after this the computer's at the customers site are given fixed ip's,
    the set top box, a utstarcom media console is configured with dhcp network mode, a domain, username and password and bingo everything works fine.
    the set top box is connected to the gateway through it's wan port

    i have replicated the settings on the wag54v3, except for the "set default route", i can see that both the pvc's interfaces are "UP" in the Status page of the Administration Console, but my IPTV STB errors out after loading 83%, at the "Logging into the system" stage and returns a "Cannot connect to server, please renter domain" message.

    I feel there is something on the WAG54v3 that is preventing the IPTV STB from communicating through the PVC2 interface that shows as being "UP" with the IPTV infrastructure on the ISP's network.

    It'll be great if someone could help me sort this out. 2 weeks with Linksys Support have not helped, they don't even know in many cases that the WAG54Gv3 is available in the market, they mistake it for the WAG354G!!!!!!

    I have a lot more information that i could supply.......

    I previously had a WAG54v2 but moved to the WAG54Gv3 after realizing that the WAG54Gv2 did not support simultaneous multiple pvc operation that was required for the "Triple Play" services being provided by my ISP.

    http://www.linksysinfo.org/forums/showthread.php?t=49523 - this thread is about two of us having the same problem.
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