WAG54G V1.2 ANNEX B Problems

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by DocMAX, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. DocMAX

    DocMAX Network Guru Member

    1st: SNMP ADSL Outgoing Traffic is alway 0.

    2nd: Remote Management via Internet wants Login after changing Application & Gaming Port Forwarding Ports. Rejecting the regular login/passwort.

    Any solutions for ANNEX B (Germany) users???
  2. HaR0

    HaR0 LI Guru Member

    Nobody know why Outgoing logging doesnt works. Its still a bug in all Routers WRT54GL. And is not jet a solution for this problem.
  3. HaR0

    HaR0 LI Guru Member

    Excuse me Its not a bug. for fix this problem go to "Applications & gamming ----> DMZ" and set an IP that doesnt exist in your network, then go to Security --> Firewall" and enable it, when its done go to "Administration -----> Log:" and firsth Disable logging and "Save Settings" and then enable logging and "Save Settings" Outgoing logging and Incomming loggin will not be empty anymore. If its needed you could restart your Linksys and make all steps again.
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