WAG54G v1.2 DHCP Server issue

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Chudley, May 29, 2006.

  1. Chudley

    Chudley Network Guru Member


    I know this router is getting on a bit now but i'm wondering if anyone has experienced the following issue at all, or better yet found out the cause/solution?

    The issue is basically that, whatever firmware I have run (1.02.1 up to current 1.03.1 beta), if i dont connect via a wireless client for 24-48 hours, the DHCP server refuses to issue an IP address wirelessly anymore. Wired connections are not a problem ever.

    Either I have to manually reset the box (annoying), or connect wirelessly with a static IP address, then navigate to the setup page and reset it manually. It will then assign an IP address correctly via wireless after that.

    Anyone have any ideas about this, or any solutions to suggest, because Im stumped and frankly rather tired of it.

  2. brueckhe

    brueckhe Guest


    has anyone ever given you the answer to this problem? - I have it too...

    Very annoying - at the point of putting the modem in the bin...

  3. Chudley

    Chudley Network Guru Member

    I've not heard anything more about this to be honest. It's an odd issue, and one I havent got to the bottom of. I've just had to set my laptop to assign itself a static IP over wireless. Pretty rubbish wireless router in that case!

    Clearly no more firmware is going to be released to correct this issue, so I'm going to replace it soon with something a bit better...
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