WAG54G v1.2 Problem

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by Axi, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Axi

    Axi Network Guru Member

    I am using WAG54G as I mentioned;
    I have serious problems. I am a user from Turkiye.

    I know my cables are just fine! No problems with them.

    Let me write down my problems and wait answers from you;

    1. I am using the firmware 1.02.1. Which one is stable?
    I wonder if I can find the original one..

    2. If I only use the wireless there is no problem but when I connect
    a device with LAN ports the problem starts. I cant use 100mbps
    speed even when I connect the cable there is no light start to turn on
    on the front of the modem. When I reduce the speed to 10mbps it starts
    to work and the light goes on in front. What is the problem?

    3. After dropping the speed to 10mbps and start using both wireless and
    cable connection after a time passes and this is nearly 30minutes. The connection drops , the internet goes down and I cant connect to any site
    or the modem but there is no change about the lights in front they are all
    green. I cant get into internet again if I wont restart the modem.

    4. There wasnt anyproblems like these with the original firmware all of these
    started with the firmware upgrade. How can I find the original?

    5. If the updates going to make is worse why do they make new firmwares?

    Thanks for your interest and taking time.
  2. fluxcondensator

    fluxcondensator LI Guru Member

    right adjustments

    don't hesitate to ask more!

  3. fluxcondensator

    fluxcondensator LI Guru Member

  4. nealgs

    nealgs Network Guru Member

    Hi Axi

    Not sure if you've managed to sort this but it sound very much like the problem i've had with two of my WAG54G v1.2 units. It's a known issue with this version and linksys will RMA the unit (if you have a purchase reciept still).

    The network ports fail internally and will only allow connection at 10MB Half-duplex.

    I've had 2 units replaced under RMA with the same issue, both v1.2 and both around the same age (2yrs or so). I think we also may have another unit, again v1.2 and 2-2.5yrs old with the same fault, but not 100% sure as i've not had chance to test/see it.

    If none of the network ports in the WAG will allow you to connect properly, try changing you PC NIC to negotiate to 10MB half duplex and see what happens. If this allows you to connect without dropping out, then the issue is as described above, Linksys should replace it (units have a 3yr warranty)

  5. madentist

    madentist LI Guru Member

    Hello everyone...
    I'll be so glad if anyone tell me how to define my modem whether it's annex a or annex b... I guess I'm gonna be much more successful at choosing the correct firmware version if I know to define this annex thing..

    Best wishes from Turkiye... Looking forward to hear from any of you soon..:)
  6. madentist

    madentist LI Guru Member

    Hello again..
    I've upgrated the firmware using (wag54g v 1.2 annex a as fluxcondensator has suggested.. My pc and modem are connected by LAN connection. I suppose there's still a problem.. Dsl connection drops in every 5 minutes, two weeks ago everything seemed ok but in recent days I can't keep the connection steady.. Anything more I can do?
    Thanks for your help.. Best regards..
  7. Paraquedas_cascais

    Paraquedas_cascais LI Guru Member

    Hi, my router is a wag54g (1 year working fine) i'm from Portugal.

    i'm having problems too, my firmware still original soo must be V1.0...

    Problems started 3 week ago, connecting drops 1 or 2 minutes and than recorver then comes down again.

    HELP!!!!:help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help:
  8. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    Hi Guys,

    WAG54G 1.x has 2 main problems !

    1. If the switch fails to 10Mbps, you have only 2 choices, either RMA or replace capacitors (see my forum for details) !

    2. If the Internet connection is not stable, use firmware 1.03.1 which is the best with 1.02.7 (see my forum for download) !

  9. Paraquedas_cascais

    Paraquedas_cascais LI Guru Member

    Hi thanks for the tip.

    - My internal connection is 100Mbts.
    - Internet connection 2Mbts stable.
    - One PC (connected by RJ45) and a notebook (wireless B or G)

    After upgrade firmware to 1.02.1 (today after dinner) from site linksys.com the problem presistes, keep losing internal connection, and some time rotate internal IP from to Some time internal connection holds for 4 hours.

    i have a notebook (wireless connected whith WPA pre-key and restricted to mac address, regroup after 3600 second) and something that hapens more than once is that when i turn off the notebook connection on PC goes down and up again, always. If Notebook is off the connection holds.

    My problem is in internal connection.

    Is there a know problem for wag54g working with RJ45 and wireless?

    The most strange thing is that after 1 year and half of hard work, 24hours 7 days on cable rj45, my wag54g start make this, and just after 3 month after turning on wireless for the notebook...

    "use firmware 1.03.1 (see my forum for download) !" Do you think it will help, my problem is not th conection to the internet, but the internal!!!

    Sorry my english, still learning...

  10. MoJo115

    MoJo115 Guest

    Could you give detailed link, 'cos I'm not speak French
  11. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    Everyone reading/writing English or French is welcome on my forum (select your language into your profile when registering)...
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