WAG54G v1.x vs v2.0

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Toxic, Feb 28, 2005.


Is the WAG54G v2 better then the v1.x

  1. Yes much better, Wireless works well

  2. Yes it is better but have simiar problems

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  3. No, Exactly the same problems

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  4. No, it is worse

  1. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    If anyone has owned the both of these unit, could try tell me what there findings are. is the v2 more reliable (especially wireless) than the v1.x WAG54G's?
  2. DavidC

    DavidC Network Guru Member

    Wireless for me is much stronger (had mine a month now!) - with the router and laptop in the same locations V1.2 used to give 50-75% signal with light use during large transfers quality/strength droping to 2to 3 segments of the quality/strength bars on the WLAN Monitor and dropping TX Rate to 11Mbps as required.
    V2 hung in at 54Mbps for the whole file transfer (700MB at 0.8 to 1.5MB/s) and stayed at the mid point of the quality/strength gauges. these rise to 80% to 95% for light load.
    The original V2 firware has issues but these should be overcome in time.
    I have problems for which I (led by Linksys support) blamed the WAGV1 this I have subsequently proved to be WPC54G related.
    I now look forward to the next firmware for the WAG and a solution to my WPC problem by Linksys.

    V2 issues -
    Does not remember MAC settings to restrict access

    Not always good at establishing links with WPA - Tkip active (even when 2' from the router) - May be my WPC as it is not 100%

    Slower than the best V1 link - could get 2.2MB/s peak however this could drop to 0.5MB/s during large file transfers even when very close to the router. Again this could be a WPC issue.

    Overall I am much happier with the WAG V2 than the V1 I used to have.
  3. RiS

    RiS Network Guru Member

    I had the same problem. Try to configure it from a wired conection.
    It worked for me :)
  4. JonasR

    JonasR Network Guru Member

    Does anyone know if Port Range Forwarding works on the V2?
  5. hijglander

    hijglander Network Guru Member

    Port Range Forwarding works fine in my V2...
  6. njseq

    njseq Network Guru Member

    Did you order a replacement for your WAG54G v1 to WAG54G v2? How is Linksys handling the v2? I bought my WAG54G 2 weeks ago and I'm having issues with large transfers over wireless.
    Do you think I should request a replacement for WAG54G v2?

    Any information on how I will do it?



  7. DavidC

    DavidC Network Guru Member

    Hi RiS, - Pleased it works for you , I've been waiting for a new WPC card from Linksys. Still does not work for me, I've used the autodetect selection option and typed it in by hand - the WAG is consistant in forgeting the MAC address under all circumstances.

    I've only ever set the router options over a wired connection - alowing this over wireless is a security risk and should be disabled ASAP if it is not disabled by default.

    However the WPA has started working for me not sure if it is the WPC or the WAG firmware - I have installed the copy from the web site as it is dated newer than the factory issue, the firmware version is the same number though.
  8. DavidC

    DavidC Network Guru Member

    Solved the MAC problem - my fault not looking hard enough at the poor pop up box for 'MAC Address Filter List' missed the scroll bar - five times!!!
    Found the save settings button - crashed the WAG, rese, seemed to have saved the setting OK however.
  9. Youngy

    Youngy Network Guru Member

    How can you tell a v1 from a v2?

    I've just ordered a WAG54G from Amazon UK.. a relative already has one (purchased approx 1yr ago) - how can I tell them apart? (assuming they are different)

  10. DavidC

    DavidC Network Guru Member

    Youngy - to tell if you hava a V2,
    From the packaging - look for a label saying 'built in high speed ADSL2 modem' the ADSL2 is the important bit, V1 is ADSL modem.

    From the unit look underneath there will be a label front middle this will say 'WAG54G ver 2' below the Linksys name - if it is a V2.

    Hope it's a V2, if not I would return it immediately preferably unopened.
  11. Youngy

    Youngy Network Guru Member

    received yesterday and is a v2 :) thanks for the pointers
  12. dribble

    dribble Network Guru Member

    V2 beats V1.x hands down

    Along with additional functionality and "help" the box is 100% more stable than its older brother.

    I had tried all the versions of firmware available from Linksys on the v1.2 and only the final one (1.03.4_beta) seemed to stabilise the box enough for me to warrant keeping it.
    to improve the performance of the V1.2 several functions were turned off. The ones that contributed the most to its stability were stopping/changing the following:

    WEP and logging - too much overhead, increased latency
    54Mbps - not stable, had to reduce to 11mbps.
    Firewall disabled - occasional DoS attack (not in stealth mode)
    ISP Dynamic IP, occasional IP problems (after lease expired)
    Internet DHCP - no point if you are using machine names - file/print sharing, and only have 2/3 PCs
    Remote desktop - freezes the whole wi-fi network
    Windows 2000 & WPC54g card would have no internet connectivity after an approx 150kb of data transfer


    Static IP (ISP and internal)
    SSID Broadcast enabled
    No Wireless Security
    MAC filtering
    Firewall on
    No Access Restrictions
    No Forwarding/Triggering/DMZ or QOS configuration
    No SNMP
    UPnP on

    Cool extras that the v1.2 doesnt have:
    Hard and Soft reboot option through interface
    Diagnostic screen that works
    More accurate logs
    Additional VPN support

    What is needed:
    Time server sync.... (option to set time from)
    Wireless Clients Connected > import IP and computer name (or allow static DNS on interface "hosts" file)

    Hope that helps :)

  13. sirmac

    sirmac Network Guru Member

    Hi Davidc

    Thanks for this. I didn't spot the scroll down to the save button either! The WAG54G got even more cursing that it deserved (hours of it!). I have now got WPA and MAC address filtering working a treat. No crash or reset needed.

  14. Dolfhin

    Dolfhin Network Guru Member

    I have a V2 and it works perfectly withouth, the only problem I used to have is that the DHCP server would act strange and give me another Ip adres (e.g .66 where I used to have .65 or .67) but that seems to be fixed now.
  15. lozngra

    lozngra Network Guru Member

    I've found that the v2 solved many of the issues associated with the v1.x's.
    Single port forwarding worked without having to roll a dice, wireless connection was stronger and MUCH more stable and the ADSL connection was also more stable.
    The only issue it's introduced that affects me is for VPN's..... Between two v2 routers it just dont work unless your running firmware v1.01.01 and you only want a single VPN session!!!!
    I've solved my problem by using a v1.2 router to accept the multiple connections and used v2's on satellite sites!
  16. booly

    booly Network Guru Member

    I send back my V1 in RM an got a V2. I'm quite happy with it except very few litte thing as QoS
  17. audioslim

    audioslim Network Guru Member

    Well I've got a v1 and didnt realise what a piece of junk it is. Cant comment on the V2 but the v1's problems for me include.

    Any slightest change performs a reboot.
    Any chance by my ISP, lets says my fixed IP changes causes it problems.
    Mysterious problems just appear. Example, the router stops passing on DNS replies. A reset to factory defs solves it.
    It often has problems with P2P , especially on the DNS side of things.
    Wireless for me has been stable on the latest driver. First time with that though. Ropey as hell on earlier versions.

    It doesnt like the summer, its a little too hot for it!!.

    That's just a few that I can remember.

  18. booly

    booly Network Guru Member

    I've got both, the V2 is very stable I run it foor weeks without any problem
  19. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    Me too, v2 is twice better because twice faster !
  20. aprades

    aprades Network Guru Member

    I've just bought a v2 one, and the wireless is giving me trouble. I only have one wireless client with a WMP54G PCI, but after a few minutes the link is lost, and only a hard reboot at the router solves it... anyone with this problem?

    Wireless is set to use 128bit WPE security and Mixed speed

    Thank you.
  21. ictdept

    ictdept Guest

    Problems with certain websites

    I've got the v2 and it won't access certain web sites (diy.com, firstdirect.com, etc.) I tried upgrading to the unofficial annex_a firmware and it worked, but then i lost my vpn tunnel to the office.

    Can anyone access these sites on their existing 1.00.19 firmware?
  22. satanicoo

    satanicoo Guest

    So, i have a WAG54G v1, i cant upgrade to the new line, wich is ADSL2 16mb?

    If i send it to RMA, will they send me a V2?
  23. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    No, because no more in stock and/or produced !
    Linksys will send you a WAG354G supporting the speed... but also a lot of bugs ! :thumbdown:
  24. ioolex

    ioolex LI Guru Member

    and what is with lpx-protocol. Works the v2 with the lpx so that you can use a ndas-external-hard-disk?
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