WAG54G v2.0 - 1.00.43-EU

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by HiSpeed, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member


    I'm looking for the owners of WAG54G v2.0 - 1.00.43-EU, because it is impossible to upgrade/downgrade the firmware.

    All information is welcome (serial number, origin, etc.) !

    Thanks !

    Please note that several cases are french RMAs which means that Linksys is recycling or rebuilding old products ! :rolleyes:
  2. R0ut3r

    R0ut3r Network Guru Member

    .. that sometimes works better than the new one ;)

    hi hispeed
    just buyed (another .. ) new wag54gv2 (on the net) for a friend two weeks ago but the firm was older that one, and so no prob at all for install a newer (the 1.01.05 works great without the need of adsl2 here)
  3. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    Hi R0out3r,

    No, this RMA is not better and I'm trying to understand why Linksys is sending this crap (further more without the ADSL filters into the package) !? :rolleyes:

    They probably found an old unsold stock in a old china factory ! :biggrin:
  4. sebw

    sebw Network Guru Member

    Reviving this post, but I bought a WAG54G on ebay 2 weeks ago.
    According to the seller, it was a replacement unit after his WAG died.

    He received that unit running firmware 1.00.43, coming from China.

    Impossible to upgrade/downgrade the firmware here too.. gonna have to call for a RMA.

    BTW, I wanted to upgrade because the DDNS feature failed on Dyndns.
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