WAG54G v2.0 Annex (A) loosing LAN

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Team-Suzuki, Nov 10, 2006.

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    Just recently my WAG54G v2.0 has started loosing the LAN connection for a split second then regaining it. I keep getting the XP ballon telling me that a network cable is unplugged then it tell me it's connected.

    I have tried a couple of different cables, a different computer and even done a Hard Reboot but the problem is still there.

    Has any one got any ideas how to cure this?

    I'm in the UK and running the Annex (A) 1.01.15 Firmware

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  3. duncan

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    Our WAG54G v2 just recently started exhibiting the same problem. It started off losing the connection occasionally but has now got to the point that it disconnects approximately every 4 seconds. So, yesterday we called Linksys technical support.

    The good news is that we got them to issue a case number so we should eventually get the router replaced under warranty.

    The bad news is that it took 103 minutes on the phone as the 'technical' (I use the term advisedly) support person insisted on going through a lot of totally stupid reconfiguring of the machine e.g. insisting I start IE7 and clear the cached cookies, forms and passwords, and claiming that being able to ping meant the computer could talk to the router! She claimed the ethernet interface dying is only a known problem with v1 routers. After humouring all her requests and demonstrating conclusively that the port only worked on 10Mb not 100Mb she claimed that that meant the computer's Ethernet port was at fault not the router's port. When reminded that we had the exact same problem with 3 computers she insisted on going through most of the same steps on another computer. When that still didn't help she insisted we upgrade to a beta version of the firmware and do a hard reset (losing all our settings).

    Fortunately she cracked first.

    If you have this problem, and a community spirit, then please complain to linksys so that they might recognise that it isn't just a problem on the older model. On the other hand, if you don't feel like wasting 2 hours of your life it is probably a lot cheaper just to buy a non-linksys router.
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