WAG54G V2 1.01.05 Firmware

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by andyrogers, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. andyrogers

    andyrogers Network Guru Member

    Hi Guys

    Just found a new version of the WAG54G v2 Firmware 1.01.05

    Wag54g v2 1.01.05 Firmware

    I will be uploading further all the old firmware to here shortly.
  2. fox5150

    fox5150 Network Guru Member

    Hi Andy,

    Do you know what has changed in this release?


  3. andyrogers

    andyrogers Network Guru Member

    I am not to sure myself, but it seems to be more quicker, stable.

    I have noticed one new option on the main basic setup page, which is a new DSL Modulation options with 4 to choose from. (g.dmt etc).

  4. andyrogers

    andyrogers Network Guru Member

  5. andyrogers

    andyrogers Network Guru Member

  6. thedrill

    thedrill Network Guru Member


    This firmware really sorts out some of the bugs I was having, with trying to reconnect to btbroadband when switched off and on again.
    thanks. :thumbup:
  7. sofestibeest

    sofestibeest Network Guru Member

    Does this new firmware increase or boost the signal of the WAG?

    and what are the differences between the new adsl settings that are added in this new firmware?

  8. andyrogers

    andyrogers Network Guru Member

  9. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member


    I replaced 1.01.01 by 1.01.05 and sometime it is impossible to connect.
    The "Connect" and "Disconnect" buttons of "Status" menu are not enabled.
    The only way is to reboot !

    A new bug ?
  10. madhatter

    madhatter Network Guru Member

    Thought that this firmware might have fixed the port forwarding problems. Has anybody been able to get either the dmz of port forwarding to work and if so how.

    On emule i am getting a low id due to failing TCP ( when you do the tests). I have even assigned a static ip the the emule machine then put this ip into the dmz and it still fails due to tcp, so won't test udp.

    This is driving me nut's!!

  11. jimbo35

    jimbo35 Network Guru Member


    I've tried the dmz with no luck, even every firewall option. What I did notice was after a hard reboot my IE went right to MSN, a second attempt produced a timeout.

    As a software engineer, releasing upgrades which don't really resolve the main problem is no good, can linksys not test each firmware update to solve issues like this problem before releasing. Also does anyone know anyway of sending bug information to linksys so we can get this sorted.
  12. andyrogers

    andyrogers Network Guru Member

  13. moleculezz

    moleculezz Network Guru Member

    Hi... anyone know if this firmware will work on the Dutch version of the WAG54G?
  14. thedrill

    thedrill Network Guru Member

    Isnt the Dutch version Capped....
  15. andyrogers

    andyrogers Network Guru Member

  16. thedrill

    thedrill Network Guru Member

    shouldnt that be ....... you have typed 3 too many this time.
  17. Arabian

    Arabian Network Guru Member

    Did anyone of you folks know what's new in this version beside the modem options?
  18. moleculezz

    moleculezz Network Guru Member

    Well I contacted linksys here and they send me a beta firmware, can't remember what version it was but anyhow I upgraded it with this firmware and it hasn't given me any problems. The reason for the upgrade was because I was having problems with hosting FTP server . Havn't tried it yet either cause I have been busy.
  19. hijglander

    hijglander Network Guru Member

    It works, atleast on a BabyXL 8MB/1MB connection. :)
  20. Ofloo

    Ofloo Network Guru Member

    this is official firmware not hackware beta tho but official.. i doubt it that it will boost the signal..
  21. Ofloo

    Ofloo Network Guru Member

    why wouldn't it work.. ? if your isp uses a supported protocol like pppoe pppoa .. then it will work
  22. andyrogers

    andyrogers Network Guru Member

    Right, iam downgrading back the th e1.01.05 firmware form the 1.01.15 version.

    I find this much more stable. does anyone else agree?
  23. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    Sorry, I disagree.

    My 1.01.15 appears now stable.
    I had a trouble with connect/disconnect but I'm not sure the Wag was responsible, may be Windows, ZoneAlarm, or both.

    The only doubt I have is on the boot sequence which is never the same (the leds light up in a curious order).
    The port 12345 is seen sometime "closed" sometime "blocked" from Sygate and I don't understand why...
  24. Piske

    Piske Network Guru Member

    Hi guys!
    I had a lot of problem with my wag54g v2 ... when I updated my firmware to 1.01.01 and formatted my PC i had no longer problem of any type.
    Anyway .... is there a new good firmware to encrease speed of my wag54g??? I read all but this 1.01.05 is not very stable.....
    I think that this modem router had some problem with software installed on PC.... (I installed some old games and I had a lot of problems)..
    Thanks to all...
  25. ccsnet

    ccsnet Network Guru Member

    As a newbie ( but not a non techy ) I am finding all the talk of version numbers confusing.... surley the later versions are better ? Whats more confusion is that only the 04 version seems to exist on the linksys site.

    Can any one offer any advice ? Whats the latest for the UK ? TIA.

  26. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    No, with Linksys the last version is never the best because all the versions are bugged. You have to find the best one for your own need.
    As Linksys gives a lot of beta versions without explanations, it's a kind of game to find the right one... :D
  27. booly

    booly Network Guru Member

    It doesn't boost the signal. How ever, this version works fine for me.
    I've a web+ ftp server wired + 2 pc by wireless.
    No problem since I've upgraded 3 weeks ago
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