WAG54G v2 and SNMP

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Wild_Weasel, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. Wild_Weasel

    Wild_Weasel Network Guru Member

    Can any of the v2 WAG users tell me if SNMP works correctly with the new WAG54G? LinkSys support in the UK believe it is fine!

  2. DavidC

    DavidC Network Guru Member

    Hi I have a WAG v2 and there are SNMP settings but as I don't use it and am not sure why I should need it I cannot say if it works or not .

    However I know the following

    1 - the WAG will not allow mac address restriction - it seems to forget the address you set up - when you go back to check settings the mac fields are always empty.
    2 - If you set WAP or WEP you get intranet connection but it loses the internet link (on wireless access at least)
    3 - the status page lists current time as not available so I assume time based internet access setting will not function.
    4 - Odd one this If I set channel 12 or 13 the WAG status page agrees with the setting but my WPC54G reports channel 6, one of them has to be wrong I suspect the WAG!. for 1 to 11 both agree.
    5 - wireless speed is about 75% of that achieved by WAG54G v1.2
    6 - I still have a link problem where transfers wireless to wired are stuck at about 700KB/s

    WAG V2 is in dire need of a new fiirmware - I'm supprised the released it with so much not working after the ill feeling caused by the earlier WAG problems.

    I have passed this info on to linksys uk support a fortnight ago but not even a message read response (which I have had before) so I assume they choose to ignore my message!
  3. Ian_H

    Ian_H Network Guru Member

    Works for me.

    Well as far as I can tell it works.

    I'm using Wallwatcher to monitor my router log files, and that uses SNMP. I spent some time with the developer of this product to confirm that the router does support SNMP.

    I've used several SNMP utilities to view traffic on my router (http://software.ccschmidt.de/) Interface Traffic Counter, and this seems to work OK as well.
    I can see traffic stats for Wireless LAN, Wired LAN, and ADSL

    I'm using the firmware version that was supplied with the unit: v1.02.1

    I've never upgraded as everything works - well the things I need work like multiple VPN sessions.

    I don't use any port forwarding so that's not an issue.
  4. hijglander

    hijglander Network Guru Member

    This shows you own not a version 2 of the WAG54G but an earlier version.... The version 2 of the WAG54G has only firmware version 1.00.19.
    Just check your router's version on the back of it... it should clearly say which version it is.
  5. Ian_H

    Ian_H Network Guru Member

    I only bought my router 6 weeks ago or so - is it out of date already?

    I'll check the box to confirm which version it is - could the UK version be different?

  6. hijglander

    hijglander Network Guru Member

    As far as I know some shops still have a supply of version 1.2 WAG54G's. Therefor it is possible that you didn't buy the version 2 model.

    I doubt they make multiple models for different countries.... the only difference should be the firmware, not where you bought it.
  7. Ian_H

    Ian_H Network Guru Member

    My box is indeed 1.2, which then leads me to ask if there is link to tell the differences between 1.2 and 2.0
  8. DavidC

    DavidC Network Guru Member

    Wag V2 has an ADSL 2 modem and some firmware changes eg Qos and resetting options hard/soft

    My experience is if you don't need an ADSL2 modem then V1.2 is a better option using 1.02.73 firmware (as far as I got before Linksys replaced my 1.2). The V2 out of the box is full of firmware bugs.

    However wireless signal strength is slightly better - this may improve with better firmware.
  9. hijglander

    hijglander Network Guru Member

    Apart from the firmware version and the version 2 string on the back of the device they look the same.
    All we need now is a firmware upgrade of the V2 to solve all issues.... and they seem to be numerous. :(

    By the way, I just found the WAG54G V2 on the official linksys website: http://www.linksys.com/download/ unfortunatly nothing usefull there.
  10. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    2 firmware versions are now available on the FTP site for WAG V2.0 :
  11. DavidC

    DavidC Network Guru Member

    1.00.19 is the factory supplied firmware so it's not an update !

    Downloaded and installed it anyway - the text file gives a date of 18/12/04 but the firmware looks to be the same and has the same 30/11/04 issue date on the Wag status page.
    At least there is a fall back if the next release has some other bugs (sorry - features!).

    Is it me or has this post lost it's way a bit
  12. DavidC

    DavidC Network Guru Member

    I have read a bit about SNMP and got hold of

    Interface Traffic Indicator, InfTraf.exe
    Version 1.3.0; January 2005

    What can I say set the IP to the router start polling and it lists 10 channels and shows traffic accordingly - Marvelous!
    Still not over shure quite why I should want it but - hey! it works!
    1 to Linksys - (I'll not mention the points remaining to be corrected)
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