WAG54G V2 AnnexB problems

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by rewt_gr, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. rewt_gr

    rewt_gr Network Guru Member

    Is there any beta firmware for AnnexB model?I cant even get the time for my router (No time avaliable and in logs says 1-1-1970) not to mention DynDNS, SNMP (loose some sensors if u make any change in any settings via web managment) UPnP (don't remove entries) .AnnexB models comes with 1.00.23 firmware.Can't they compile a beta firmware as they do for AnnexA models and leak it?I think i can use the E1 AnnexB version of the firmware and not the DE (I dont live in germany and i think in other countries use ADSL over ISDN too).They don't even have the 1.00.23 bin file in their ftp or anywhere else in case someone do something wrong by mistake.Only the GPL code.IMHO there sould be AnnexB beta fimwares too not only AnnexA and when it becomes official release it for the AnnexB models too.

    PS:sorry for my bad english
  2. Ofloo

    Ofloo Network Guru Member

    maybe .. contact there support i think most of the beta binaries are given by the linksys support.. and i think it is starting to get time that they come with a stable a non beta this has been going on long enough don't you think? australia has gotten there stable a while back when is eu stable comming allong.. the current version (latest beta) still has some issues.. not much but still.. getting line interruptions.. short but it's there ..
  3. rewt_gr

    rewt_gr Network Guru Member

    They remove the lastest "stable" 1.01.00 AU firmware from the official AU web site.You can only find 1.00.39 (not 100% sure).It's only in the ftp site.At least AnnexA users can use a beta firmware with alot of bugs fixed.AnnexB users are stuck with 1.00.23
  4. Ofloo

    Ofloo Network Guru Member

    i think it is outrageous that a commercial company takes so long to fix there code .. it's not like this is opensource contribution by someone.. this is what people payed for.. and not just one but a huge amount of people all for the same firmware.. if you know that there must be over 100000 sales .. then they should be able to use 1$ to give it to a coder to write some deasend firmware no? for that kind of money.. my god .. linux.. kernels are fixed within a day or less, yet a commercial company that is payed can't manage to get a firmware working flawless in what half year ? or maybe even more.. and there not the only one dlink is even worse
  5. rewt_gr

    rewt_gr Network Guru Member

    I guess they are on vacation ;-)
    Take a look at http://gathering.tweakers.net/forum/list_messages/980216/26
    They are also searching for AnnexB firmware there too
    Just use http://babel.altavista.com and Dutch to English.
    I've check WAG54G v1 history and there are no beta firmwares for AnnexB.The officials versions of AnnexA exists for AnnexB models too, not the beta ones.Do we AnnexB customers pay less for our routers?
    I need support even if its beta (at least beta firmwares are better than BROKEN official firmwares).
    I'll try to email and i'll post the results here.
  6. rewt_gr

    rewt_gr Network Guru Member

    I emailed support@linksys.com and they point me to 1.00.19!!!!!
    I make myself clear in the subject and inside the mail that i want a firmware for the ANNEXB E1 version of the router.Is there any email support address from linksys that they know what models they produce?Can anyone help me plz?
  7. Ofloo

    Ofloo Network Guru Member

    don't mail support.. go to www1.linksys.com, .. select your country.. then check the support page .. each countrys support page is different and as far as i know, this router isn't been distributed in the usa yet
  8. rewt_gr

    rewt_gr Network Guru Member

    Already done that...only AnnexA firmware avaliable and its 1.00.19 :-(
    I guess i'll have to wait for the EU (AnnexA) firmware to be official so they release E1 (AnnexB) version.
  9. gmarkey

    gmarkey Network Guru Member

  10. rewt_gr

    rewt_gr Network Guru Member

    Cannot connect.Operation timed out :-(

    and ping reply : Reply from TTL expired in transit.

    Anyway thanks for your reply :)
    I logged in now ok but there is no annexB firmware

    AnnexA = ADSL over PSTN
    AnnexB = ADSL over ISDN

    So there are 4 or 5 diff types of wag54gv2 deppending on what's the box says.
    1: AU (AnnexA but diff hardware from EU annexA)
    2: EU (AnnexA)
    3: E1 (AnnexB)
    4: DE (AnnexB)
    and i think there is another one, E2 but haven't seen it.

    In my case because the box says "E1" i don't think my router will accept the DE AnnexB version(hope it will).

    Maybe the mods should make a topic about the diff versions and the firmwares cause ppl got comfused.
    There are wag54gv1, wag54gv1.2, wag54gv2 and for all of them annexA and annexB firmwares and diff annexA firmware for the AU wag54gv2 annexA.
    It's a mess.....
  11. gmarkey

    gmarkey Network Guru Member

    yeah sorry bout that, I'm on dialup for about a week while we are switch to ADSL2+ =o
  12. itris

    itris Guest

    the annex-B directory you list contains Annex-A files. That can't be right..
  13. gmarkee

    gmarkee Network Guru Member

    Yeah I noticed that actually, fixed it up =P

    Also I cant log in with username 'gmarkey' anymore. Just so you know Im not an imposter =P
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