Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by kenzo, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. kenzo

    kenzo Network Guru Member

    Hi guys,

    This is the second WAG54G v2 that I have and my problem is the same. I can not copy large files ( anything over 100Mb ) using wireless network. First windows will report around 66 min for a 500Mb file to copy, after 2 min will report 124 min and finally wireless connection will drop and IP address will DISSAPEAR from routing table. After max 5 minutes it will appear again. All this time I can ping the gateway fine but that computer will just dissapear from network. I tried this on several computers that I have with different wireless network cards. Also when I ping gateway from any wireless laptop/computer I have is sluggish around 20-30ms. I have tried a lot of settings/firmware and NO POSITIVE RESULTS.
  2. DavidC

    DavidC Network Guru Member

    Hi Kenzo,

    Is this your first wireless kit? Or another way did you have a working setup before and having changed the router it's fallen down?

    how many wireless clients do you have at once?

    What make/type of wireless client(s) do you have and are all firmware/drivers the latest release?

    Are you transferring wireless to wireless or wireless to wired?

    You think the V2 is bad? you should have had an early V1.x!!

    For the record my wag will TX anything I care to give it time for, and so far does it OK - not great but OK. There should be an official firmware release this month if Rhod Brown the Aussie Linksys Rep is right (never said if it was global or AU only). The early beta for the V2 does improve the wireless side of things - I tried it but other problems meant reverting back to th .19 firmware
  3. Ian_m

    Ian_m Network Guru Member

    Since swapping my WAG54G for a Netgear DG834G, wireless disconnection is a thing of the past.

    Yesterday I wirelessly transferred a single 80GB NTBACKUP file from my family PC connected to a WRT54GS running Satori 4 to my NetGear DG834G connected to my big PC for writing to DVD. Took about 6-7 hours to copy.

    This morning wirelessly transferred a 5.3GB file from my TiVo connected to a WRTG54G to main PC in about 1 1/2hours, I think the limiting rate here being the TiVo at about 1.2Mbytes/sec.
  4. kenzo

    kenzo Network Guru Member

    It doesnt matter how many clients I have connected at a time. It doesnt matter if it's wireless- wireless or wireless- cable as soon as at least one client is wireless. I used same clients before with a software access point on my computer and I had no problems transfering big files. It's definatlley a problem with the linksys router.
  5. kenzo

    kenzo Network Guru Member

    And by the way in regards with NETGEAR router....I heard only bad things about it so....I doubt that will be a good move to change to that one.
  6. Ian_m

    Ian_m Network Guru Member

    Not had any problems with NetGear DG834G, does exactly as it says on the box. Have replace our 6 WAG54G's with DG834G's and not heard anything from the installed users unlike the WAG54G's where someone would be on the phone to me at least once a week, unable to get to connect/work/stay up/transfer and other numerous problems.

    Have had issues with DG834GT versions though, 108Mbs version, so stay clear.

    One of the DG834Gs I have has stayed wirelessly connected to a wireless bridge transferring data for over 1800 hours now (75days) with no hint of connectivity problem.
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