WAG54G V2: Game Hosting better with old firmware than new?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by DG21005, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. DG21005

    DG21005 Network Guru Member

    Hi there,

    I normally host halo 2 games through xbconnect, a tunneling program with my xbox. What i found was that with the original firmware that came with my router, which i think is 1.00.19 i was able to host nearly 16 people, and it never caused lag for anyone. I then decided to upgrade my firmware, thinking that it will give my router even better security and features. What i found though is that i now cant host more than 8 people before the pings go really high. I upgraded 3 times with the different firmware's availible, and am now on 1.01.01. I have found that it doesnt get better with any of them.

    I was wondering if anyone can confirm that the original firmware has this advantage? Also, is it possible for me to "downgrade" the firmware back to its original firmware?

    Id appreciate any responses. I am using the UK, AnnexA versions.

  2. Dolfhin

    Dolfhin Network Guru Member

    You should use Xlink Kai 7, less cheaters and you can use it with Avalaunch/XBMC.

    As for your hosting problem I have no trouble with the new firmware. As a matter of a fact I would say that the connection per minute and my ping are slightly better (about 10-15%). But let's try to nail the problem down,

    What's you download/upload speed?
    Do you use QoS?
    Any CPU intensive features enabled (SNMP, Firewall, Logging)
    What's your ping and your location (try pinging Google or BBC)?
  3. DG21005

    DG21005 Network Guru Member

    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    My connection is:

    8mbit down / 512kb up and im located in the UK.

    I dont use QoS (should i be?) and there arent any cpu intensive programs running. i bascially kill all programs (even disable parts of my firewall). So there shouldnt be any software hogging bandwidth or firewall blocking. My ping is reasonble good and hasnt really changed since the firmware upgrade (when pinging other servers). Normally around 20-30. When i host around 4 or 5 people its fine. Adding 1 extra person causes all the pings to go up. And i make sure that all players have good pings to start with and are in europe. This never happened before the firmware upgrade. I could host 8+ people without the pings rising above 70 (it now goes to 600+) before.

    I cant see any change in my connection speed which could cause it. My downloading and uploading seems to be alright. So not sure if a settings on my router is wrong, cause its the only settings that have changed since.

    All replys will be appreciated

  4. Dolfhin

    Dolfhin Network Guru Member

    First of all, I would like you to do some more testing. Try pinging Google.com a few times through the day (to try to minimise the ''random'' factor) and try to ping a local website to (e.g if you're in Belgium try to ping a website that's located in Belgium). That should provide you with some nice ping results that will show if their really is a problem.

    Another thing you can try is to enable QoS, it will probably reduce the lag and decrease your download speed. I have no experience with an 8Mbit connection at all but 150 Mhz might not be able to handle a full 8Mbit/s. Try enabling the QoS and download some huge files from a FTP server and see if their is a difference in download speed. If their is just turn QoS off.

    I suspect that you haven't upgraded properly so try this to : reset the router back to default settings, enter all your settings (do NOT load a settings backup, that doesn't seem to work :() and soft reset the router. That fixed my SNMP, Port forwarding and ping troubles.

    If this doesn't work try E-mailing Linksys support and give them the full details (including any logs you might or might not have) because it could very well be a bug.

    ps : also watch the IP of people joinin your server, if 2 or more people with a huge ping join the game the lag gets really bad.
  5. Dolfhin

    Dolfhin Network Guru Member

    btw :

    I'm looking forward to seeing some tweaks in the firmware :D
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